“Building the Kingdom” hits home for Cristo Rey Orlando Director, Amanda Livermore. With a background in education, there was something special about the Cristo Rey mission that struck her right away.
“Whenever we pray the Lord's prayer that Jesus taught us, we ask that God's kingdom come ‘on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10),’ and God invites us to be part of answering that prayer wherever we are.

"Our mission is to make the Kingdom of God concrete in the here and now, not merely to make things slightly better, but to effect transformational change at every level."
- John P. Foley, SJ, Chair Emeritus

“The Cristo Rey model recognizes that there are students who, simply because of their socioeconomic status, do not have access to high quality, faith-based, college preparatory education. Cristo Rey opens the door to this transformative opportunity while also exposing students to the unique experience
of corporate work.”
In bringing this mission to life, Amanda has put together a team of passionate business leaders and volunteers who are doing the Lord’s work of bringing this type of education to Central Florida.
And she envisions a bright future for those future students and their families.
“I picture their families celebrating at graduation, recognizing the incredible achievements of the students whom they entrusted to us and, ultimately, understanding that we are made to bring the kingdom of God to this world while preparing our souls for the next.”