December 2, 2019
Building and Maintaining Lean Muscle While Using Your Sonic Exercise Device
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Today, we'll focus or building or maintaining lean muscle while using your Sonic exercise device. Back in 1982 when Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw released their best-selling book “Life Extension” I got a copy and read it page by page. At the time it was quite groundbreaking research in their study of the aging process, proteins and amino acids.The one thing in that book that has stuck in my head for all those years, was...
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Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
Dr. Bill Deagle MD Nutrimedical Report
Featured Sonic Vibration Location
Whether you love him or hate him, Dr. Bill Deagle MD really, really, really gets true Sonic Vibration Exercise at a genius level. He as well as I, and probably you also, see Sonic vibration as the most amazing exercise machine ever invented, only he has taken Sonic Vibration Exercise to an entirely Quantum level with his Epigenetic Resonant Frequencies that he developed to be run back through the Sonix, based on his clients' blood test. He has also written...
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Sonic WBV Tip of the Day
If you are not already doing so, and you are over 50, I would recommend supplementing your diet with a high-quality whey protein isolate protein powder, or a Branched Chain Amino Acid blend supplement or even adding digestive enzymes after a meal to help facilitate the proper assimilation of protein.
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