Volume XVI | March 2021
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Chair: Deborah Goldman | Director: Mara Koven-Gelman
Rabbinic Consultant: Rabbi Alex Lazarus-Klein
Student Intern: Hannah Gabelnick
Buffalo JCRC's work falls into three broad areas: Social Justice, Combatting Hate and Discrimination, and Building Relationships with Ethnic, Faith, and Cultural Communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic our priority is to ensure all communities maintain their safety and remain healthy.
Jewish Communal Response to Uyghur Genocide
For more information, read: Uighurs: 'Credible case' China carrying out genocide or this Indianapolis JCRC brief on why this is a JCRC issue.
The Uyghur are a Turkic-Muslim minority that reside in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China.
The Uyghurs have faced discrimination and oppression since the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but the most recent campaign of genocide began with religious crackdown in 2016. 

Uyghur women have undergone rape, forced sterilizations, and abortions. The Uyghurs are prohibited from practicing their religion and speaking their language. Uyghur children are being transferred out of their community in northwest China. There is a very credible case that these actions by the Chinese government amount to crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide.

We as a Jewish people can understand the persecution that the Uyghur people are currently facing, and we strive to advocate for those who are oppressed and facing violence based on their religion and ethnicity.
Racial Justice Working Group Recommendations
by Hannah Gabelnick
After meeting for three and a half months, learning about racial inequities in the Jewish and larger community, and listening to the stories of many racial justice advocates, the JCRC’s Racial Justice Working Group (RJWG) has created a list of recommendations for both major institutions and individuals to work towards racial justice. 

The RJWG chair was Deborah Goldman; members included: Corey Auerbach, Rabbi Ori Bergman, Molly Carr, Ann Marie Carosella, Adam Fogel, Hannah Gabelnick, Amy Heumann, Leslie Shuman Kramer, Risé Kulik, Sharon Nosenchuck, Rabbi Sara Rich and Harvey Sanders. Mara Koven-Gelman, JCRC director, provided staff support.

Major institutional recommendations include offering racial justice workshops, creating a travelling presentation of RJWG work, strengthening efforts to be a true multiracial, multiethnic Jewish community, engaging in JFNA’s JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) program, strengthening relationships with the Black community, and forming a JCRC Racial Justice sub-committee. 

Individual actions include studying antiracist resources, supporting the NAACP, supporting Black businesses, speaking up against injustice, being physically present in support of protests by those don’t have the security of white privilege, shifting actions from charity to justice, and finding people in the community who are doing this work and asking – “How can we help you?”

The RJWG will be presenting its findings and recommendation to the BJF Executive Committee and Board of Directors later this month. The final report will be available after those meetings. Contact Mara Koven-Gelman.
Thank you for your commitment to protecting the freedoms of all Americans, Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown!

We and The United States Conference of Mayors are proud to have you as one of our allies in the Mayors United Against Antisemitism initiative.

Together, we will build a safer and more just society.
Student to Student 
The Buffalo Jewish Federation’s Student to Student Program was recently recognized by the Buffalo News and WBFO. Student to Student is a peer education program that strives to educate high school students on Judaism and antisemitism. Jewish students from Amherst, Clarence, Buffalo, and Hamburg virtually visit other high schools to discuss Jewish life, the Holocaust, holidays, and the different branches of Judaism. Read Buffalo News article here and WBFO coverage here.
El Día del Niño / Day of the Child
The Day of the Child is an annual tradition celebrated in Mexico and other Latin American countries. It is an opportunity, celebrated on April 30th, to read to a child under age 12. Here is a wonderful way to read (in any language to children in the Hispanic community.) Here are easy video instructions.
JCPA and National
2021 JCPA Resolution Process

Each year JCPA creates resolutions that will become policy for the community relations field and will guide national and local work. Resolutions will be voted on and adopted at the Delegate’s Assembly on April 26. Buffalo JCRC will be meeting to review them at the JCPA March meeting. Here is a draft of the JCPA Resolutions for review.
Corey Auerbach
Jody Biehl
Ann Marie Carosella
Molly Carr
Adam Fogel
Phyllis Steinberg
Dr. Theodore Steinberg