Monday, June 22


As part of ECESF's work we participate in a San Francisco organization called the Budget Justice Coalition (BJC) working with other community organizations to build unity and advocate for a just budget for community needs.

The BJC is holding two meetings this week—a training, and facilitating a coalition effort to defund police and fund community needs. I encourage you to join ECE SF, and community members in each of these meetings and be part of a growing social movement addressing Black and community needs. Please let me know if you can join too!
In solidarity,
Sara Hicks-Kilday
ECESF Director
Budget Justice Training
6/23, Tues, 1-2 pm —if you haven't attended a Budget Justice Training yet-join us on Tuesday. The training offers a basic understanding of San Francisco's budget and process. All who've attended give great reviews. This session will add details on police funding.

Stay after the training for a zoom social! Bring your favorite quarantine snack(s), talk about current affairs, quarantine pass-times, TV shows, games, movies... hangout/network with folks!
ID: 84508570065
Password: 195705
Join via Phone: +1 346-248-7799
Defund the Police
6/25, Thurs., 4-5 pm—2nd Defund the Police/BJC-facilitated meeting/Community Coalition
ID: 89209953982
password: 328590
Join by phone
(US) +1 312-626-6799
CAAEYC Annual Conference Virtual Experience
The 2020 Annual Conference and Expo is moving to a hybrid event. The hybrid event will include two platforms:
  • virtual experience June 27-29;and
  • on-demand experience from July 1 through August 31
NAEYC Virtual Conference
NAEYC is offering over 100 presentations of content shared by NAEYC experts and a diverse group of presenters from all sectors of the industry. Our Presenters include policy experts, higher education faculty, school leaders, researchers, and educators.

Through June 1,
Six Weeks of FREE Online Professional Development