Buchanan Driver Newsletter
February 18, 2022
If it's not safe to drive due to weather - DO NOT DRIVE and shelter in place until you are safe to travel. No one needs to be a hero - nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of others on the road. Trip planning is more important than
ever during winter weather conditions.
Register NOW for the Driver Meeting TOMORROW

Earn your Safety Meeting credit for this quarter, talk with Rob Rausch, Drew Dafforn & Jessica Studle, review CSA information and get answers to any questions you have.

Meeting begins at 10a EST; contact your Driver Manager with time zone questions.

Great News! Buchanan is out of Alert / Mandatory Inspection Status
for Hours of Service with the FMCSA.
Remember: Thresholds (On Road* column below) are rankings
comparing us to other carriers, so it’s a moving target of not just our performance.
**Now is the time to stay vigilant, police ourselves, and continue
to drive these numbers down…We still have work to do.

The drivers with violations below are a very small percentage of our fleet.
We have so many drivers doing the right thing -- we see you and thank you.
Celebrate Buchanan Shout Outs with us!

We appreciate all that everyone on our team does every day. Sometimes, we have a a big win to celebrate and other times, someone deserves a shout out because they make our days a little brighter. Join us as we celebrate each other and take a moment to give a fellow Buchanan team member a shout out!
Photo of the Month Contest is Back!
Submit your truck photos and be entered in the photo of the month contest! Click below to submit via email, please include your name or truck number.

February winner will be announced in the March 4, 2022 Driver Newsletter. Winner will receive social media recognition + a $50 gift card.

Submit via button below or to photocontest@buchananhauling.com
February Infinit-i Classes are live!

This month's topics are low clearance & merging for a combined training time of 9 minutes + 52 seconds.

This is REQUIRED of all Company Drivers and criteria for the Safety Incentive.
For Your Convenience: State Chain Laws
While winter may be a distant thought, the time to prepare is now. Some state chain laws take effect October 1. Please review the included resource and be in-the-know. Contact your Driver Manager with any questions.
OO / LP Drivers: The below is the guidance for CO Drivers and BHRI employees. The information below is based on current guidelines put forth. While Buchanan recommends you follow the same guidelines, the specific protocols, PTO references, etc. outlined below are not necessarily applicable for you.
If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, please stay home, contact your supervisor and visit www.BuchananHauling.com/Covid
Driver Resource Center
is for YOU!