Summer Program
June, July, August 2022
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In-Person & Online - Study Tips & Tricks
Fun Skill Building!
Summer Program includes:
  • Stress management techniques
  • Individualized study skills
  • Organizational strategies
  • Developing accountability
  • Confidence building
  • Academic enrichment
Organized Minds are Happy Minds!
BriteMinds Summer Program 2022
Summer is a time for students to take a break from the stress and pressure of the school year. If children spend the summer months without intellectual stimulation, they will lose essential learning skills; this is often referred to as the “summer slide” and makes it challenging to return to the structure of formal learning at school.

At BriteMinds, we help children avoid the summer slide, giving them opportunities to practice their learning skills in a fun and creative way. BriteMinds Summer Program keeps children's minds sharp, organized, and alive. With the intellectual stimulation provided by our program, children stay motivated and will better transition back to school in the fall.

Taking summer lessons at BriteMinds allows students to get support on subjects they struggle in, without the pressure of tests and homework. We offer personalized education plans for each student, working with their strengths to help them reach their learning potential. Our students develop confidence going back into the school year with a more consistent routine.

At BriteMinds, our summer goal for students is to transform every learning experience into self-growth. Learn more.
FREE Parent Support
Parents with kids enrolled at BriteMinds receive:
  • Parent toolkit/resources
  • Organization plans
  • Stress management help
  • Home tutoring tips
  • Parenting strategies
  • Online learning for parents
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Students appreciate our individualized attention to their needs and are motivated by taking leadership in their academic journey. BriteMinds is a community where students and instructors are collaborative partners. We look forward to meeting you online or, as safety measures permit, inviting you to visit our wonderful facility in Palos Verdes.