BriteMinds Daily FEEDBACK to Parents
After EVERY lesson,
parents receive a summary of progress & the completed work
Dear Ms. Smith,

I'm sending you what we completed with Amanda during her lesson today. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will have a Spanish mock exam tomorrow to prepare Amanda for her test on Friday. Have a good night!

BriteMinds Instructor Brian’s Notes:
  • We finished Amanda’s current event for her history class.
  • We finished her biology assignment (she already had something written out, but I gave her a few pointers and she added on to her original writing). She was able to revise her assignment on her own correctly after I gave her pointers.
  • For the last 35 minutes of our lesson, Amanda worked on her math homework independently. She was able to complete most of the problems independently, and she has a good idea of how to do them--she understands the material well.
BriteMinds Brian

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics:
STEM Program

In honor of National Stem Day on November 8, BriteMinds recognizes the importance of the STEM Program’s positive effects on students’ lives. The acronym, STEM, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Reaching beyond science and math, it teaches students fundamental life skills using hands-on learning activities such as engaging lab experiments, science simulations, and practical engineering projects. Students develop critical thinking skills as they create solutions to real-world problems and learn to work collaboratively with a team. Students also utilize their creativity to improve a product and its functionality, like when creating a robot. They may develop unique perspectives and innovative thinking, which can be applied to any real-world circumstance.
BriteMinds STEM Resources
BriteMinds integrates innovative STEM concepts in our daily academic enrichment plans. Instructors utilize 3D visuals, thought-stimulating videos, and uniquely captivating textbooks for all levels of math and science. During BriteMinds lessons, students will engage in creative and playful activities while also exploring possibilities and testing hypotheses to develop innovative solutions. BriteMinds also uses online resources that provide content-based enrichment to complement our uniquely personalized lesson plans.
Tips on Becoming Independent Learners
Encourage, Enhance, Empower Children
  1. Notice and reward motivation, curiosity, and accountability
  2. Develop systematic learning behaviors, daily routines, and reduce distractions
  3. Assess and reward effective planning, time management, and thoughtfulness
  4. Help children reflectively evaluate their work. Ask, “What do you think about it?” instead of “You need to erase this and rewrite it!”
  5. Help children feel good about themselves by noticing and commenting on their effective learning behaviors
  6. Use the following vocabulary when complimenting your child: “I see you are…” (motivated, a problem-solver, energetic, skillful, interested, flexible, resourceful, open-minded, receptive, reliable, organized, thoughtful, and so on)  
  7. Teach children how to deal with frustration effectively:
  • Encourage them to ask for help before it’s too late
  • Provide tools and resources children are interested in using
  • Identify and practice healthy self-care routines including sleep, eating, and screen-free hours
  • Facilitate discoveries instead of giving ‘lectures’
Time Management
At BriteMinds, Executive Functioning skills are integrated into every lesson, as students need these tools to become efficient learners. Time Management is one of these important skills.

It consists of:
  • Estimating time efficiently
  • Allocating time to a task 
  • Knowing how to utilize time
  • Knowing how to stay within time limits and deadlines
BriteMinds instructors train students to estimate the time they think it will take to complete a task, and then compare how realistic they were about their estimation. This helps students learn how to allocate time to each task more effectively. 
New Student Discount
As we enter the season of fall, filled with cool weather and pumpkin-flavored goodies, our BriteMinds team encourages parents to call and inquire about our “Fall Discount Special.”

Sign up before 12/21/2022 and receive this Fall Discount!

With back-to-school season over and students settled into their normal routines, students may benefit from organizational assistance to balance their workloads, prepare for final exams and projects, and learn to rely on themselves to build confidence. Sign up today for one-on-one homework support, academic enrichment, and personal coaching. Parents receive specific updates about progress and completed work in addition to the techniques they can implement in the home environment to reduce stress.
Thankful for YOU!

This Thanksgiving, we are reminded of how grateful we are for our BriteMinds parents, students, and staff. For 32 years, BriteMinds has nurtured students’ curiosity and motivation for learning, honoring the child’s mind as the most precious asset of the family and humanity. Thanks to our BriteMinds families, we can continue this mission and help students grow and develop into confident, perceptive, and successful individuals. We appreciate your support and dedication to your child’s academic progression. We are thankful for having you help us do what we love!