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BriteMinds enhances academic skills, builds confidence, and boosts motivation.
Organization and study skills
are part of every lesson.

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ADHD & Executive Functioning
Coaching in Palos Verdes

Navigating academic success throughout adolescence is not a small task for teenagers, who can become overstimulated and overwhelmed by social media, online gaming, and academic demands. BriteMinds Summer Program brings a great opportunity for teenagers to relax and learn new ways to manage their life stressors.

At BriteMinds, we integrate Executive Functioning Skills into each lesson, teaching students to develop and practice good study habits that are not only useful for learning at school, but for their personal lives as well.

Our Executive Functioning program will help students:
  • Plan and complete work
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Manage time
  • Build organizational strategies

Coaching at BriteMinds supports students to acquire skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!
Boredom vs. Motivation
Parent Support Near Me!
BriteMinds values the partnership between children and parents by designing and sharing fun and enjoyable learning activities parents and children can engage in at home. Our Parent Support offers strategies to validate the child's curiosity, provides feedback to enhance the child's motivation, and encourages parents to help their child explore and discover how their mind works through these activities.

When the child engages with their BriteMinds instructor in learning activities, they feel understood and relaxed. In this fully immersed process, students come up with the most original product, feeling appreciated and valued.

Whether writing an essay, critically analyzing a scientific process, or solving mathematical equations, BriteMinds instructors help students stay motivated, focused, and on track. BriteMinds encourages students to teach their parents shortcuts, tricks, and smart ways to learn new concepts.
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BriteMinds is a community where students and instructors work as collaborative partners. Through our individualized attention, students are motivated and encouraged to lead their best academic journey.

You are invited to visit, or meet for a video call, to explore our beautiful learning center!
Hearing from Parents
"BriteMinds is a fun and safe environment for students to come and learn. The instructors care about each student and set objectives for their learning depending on the student's needs . . . I highly recommend BriteMinds as a great Learning Center for any student struggling in their classes, wanting to improve their study habits, or seeking more support throughout their academic life." – A.O.