May 2023 Newsletter

AI Chat GPT:

How Will It Affect Our Children and

the Next Generation?

Billions of dollars are invested in fitting AI Chat GPT (Artificial Intelligence Generative Pretrained Transformer) into the everyday lives of children. Here is what parents need to know. AI Chat GPT can instantly write term papers, generate poetry, make vacation plans, solve math problems, respond to emails, assess psychological problems, and even offer mental health advice. Relying on artificial intelligence can expose children to harmful material, mislead them, instill fallacies as reality in their minds, and introduce them to distractive biases. Children can easily become dependent on these quick and seemingly intelligent chatbot programs and the consequences can be costly.

Holding to the highest standards, we ask, 

“How do you know a human wrote this article?” 

What can parents do? 

Sitting side by side and experiencing chatbots together can illuminate the pros and cons. Similar to human responses, when chatbots use “I” statements and emojis, it personifies the human mind. Helping children differentiate between machine and human interface will help them utilize tech-savvy thinking instead of becoming addicted or overly vulnerable. Keeping up with the newest tech developments will support families to raise morally, ethically, emotionally, and socially responsible children.

How does BriteMinds support a tech-savvy human-machine interface? 

We provide a balanced approach to learning; our human-to-human, student-instructor relational processing most effectively uses “machine intelligence” to develop critical thinking and creativity based on human experiences. When an AI chatbot says, “I have my own emotions and personality,” BriteMinds instructors coach students to stay focused on the reality of learning by “nurturing nature vs. AI-bots.” BriteMinds’ motto for 33 years has been, “The child’s mind is the most precious asset of the family and humanity!” 

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BriteMinds Summer Program

Sign up in May 2023 & Receive 10% Discount

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, we want to offer our BriteMinds 2023 Summer Program at a discounted rate. Sign up in May and receive 10% off of the regular tuition, in addition to one free session, a personalized learning plan, and a detailed feedback summary on your student’s performance. Use code SKILLS@SUMMER.


With creative skill-building games and fun educational activities, your child will make the most out of their summer at BriteMinds. Not only will they benefit from their personalized learning plan, but they will complete fun projects such as a scrapbook and video presentations, and learn to effectively use multimedia features for academic work. We look forward to seeing you in our BriteMinds Summer Program!

Free Parent Consultation & Support

  • Parent resources for cognitive development
  • Share-screen organization to keep up with online tools
  • Stress management strategies
  • Home tutoring tips and techniques
  • Parenting strategies with difficult children
  • Online learning resources for parents 
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 Personalized Education Plan!

Summer Skill Building!

Pick & Choose Personalized Plan

  1. Reading comprehension & grammar skills
  2. Literature analysis & vocabulary enrichment
  3. Essay writing & editing skills
  4. Mathematics—K-6, Algebra I-II, Geometry, Calculus
  5. Science—Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science
  6. PSAT, SAT, ACT prep
  7. School readiness program

Learning to Learn

  1. Critical thinking strategies
  2. Stress management techniques
  3. Individualized study skills
  4. Organizational strategies
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Developing accountability
  7. Self-advocacy
  8. Reducing distractibility
  9. Test-taking skills

Executive Functioning Skills

  • Presentation skills & techniques
  • Organizational strategies
  • Study skills
  • Sustaining attention
  • Time management
  • Reducing impulsivity
  • Enhancing motivation
  • Self-monitoring
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Teacher Appreciation Week: May 8-12

Teachers teach children how to dream, how to accomplish goals, and how to achieve success. Guiding, motivating, inspiring, giving, believing, and holding in mind all the needs of their students,

we are grateful for the spirited care our teachers bring to BriteMinds!

We express our appreciation for teachers and the important role they play in a child’s education. For many students, teachers are role models, parental figures, superheroes, and so much more. Besides classroom curricula such as math, science, and literature, students learn important moral principles and life skills.


In-person, one-on-one teaching is a valuable experience that cannot be replaced by online instruction or artificial intelligence. At BriteMinds, we strive to reinforce the power of personalized teaching through our individualized one-on-one lessons. We highly value one-on-teaching and believe students should receive the individual attention they deserve.

Thank you, teachers! 

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Happy Mother’s Day!

As we celebrate teachers, we celebrate another important role model in a child’s life: mothers. This Mother’s Day, we acknowledge mothers for their love and dedication, and especially appreciate our mothers’ collaboration with BriteMinds. Like teachers, mothers are actively involved in their child’s education, from teaching them the ABCs to assisting them with homework.

At BriteMinds, we love joining forces with parents and discussing how we can best help their child. BriteMinds lessons always include parent support, whether it’s a consultation about how their child is doing or offering useful learning strategies for home. We recognize parents’ desire for their child to succeed and appreciate their constant involvement and collaboration.

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