February 2024 Newsletter

Mom, don't stress!

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Wisdom from Our Students

We asked our students about their experiences, and this is what they shared:

“I always knew I had a hard time listening to my teachers, because the best way for me to learn is to discover things for myself. Talking to the BriteMinds tutors is fun. I forget I’m actually learning.” Nolan T

“My room is usually a mess, my backpack is also a mess, my parents are usually disappointed in me! I always worry that I am doing the wrong thing... the tutors help me focus. They don’t judge me… I’m more relaxed when I feel good, I guess, I can think better here. It's getting off the screen and being here in person. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this…” Jack P

 “Before my parents signed me up at BriteMinds, my favorite thing was out-of-sight, out-of mind! I knew it wasn’t a good way, but I was always stressed. I just didn’t know where to start... I feel brand new when I get my things done now… it’s a new feeling.” Shannon H

“Don’t tell my mom, but when I study at home, I’m on my phone more because I keep thinking about what my friends are doing and that’s more fun than homework. It takes forever to get things done... sometimes I don’t even get it done! Somehow, I don’t know why, but I naturally forget about my phone when I'm at BriteMinds… maybe because you are talking to me and I’m thinking about what we are talking about…” Chris B

 Bring you wisdom!

Let's be productive together!

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Attention, Focus, and Distraction

When attention and focus collaborate on a specific task,

distractions are minimized.

a.    Attention - The cognitive process of selectively concentrating on specific tasks or information while filtering out irrelevant factors.

b.    Focus - The concentrated, mental effort applied to a specific objective, avoiding unnecessary distractions.

c.     Distraction - The diversion of attention and/or focus from a primary task; being overloaded by multitasking for a long time leads to distractibility. Distractions can be particularly challenging for students with ADHD.


At BriteMinds, instructors consciously create a distraction-free zone, so students develop a habit of focusing and paying attention to fully engage in completing the primary task. Fewer distractions increase productivity and foster the development of higher-level thinking strategies, as well as improved executive functioning.

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BriteMinds FUN

Writing Techniques

At BriteMinds, we like to incorporate FUN elements into our teaching style.

In our tutoring space, we utilize various fun strategies to teach creative and expressive writing. For example, we like to write directly on our desks so that we can really visualize what we’re writing (this is definitely something you don’t typically do in school or at home).

a.    Story Telling Games: An easy and effective way to TEACH students how to be creative and elaborate on their ideas.

b.    Collaborative Writing: As the saying goes, “Two brains are better than one.” When it comes to WRITING, different perspectives can always be beneficial.

c.     Reading Out Loud: Typically, when we read our own work out loud, we recognize things we may not have noticed when reading in our head. Reading out loud is a super effective way to EDIT our work. 

February Around the World – Welcome Culture!

a.    Chinese New Year: Dragons symbolize power, prosperity, and success in Chinese culture. The Year of the Dragon—beginning February 10, 2024—represents a hopeful and positive future.

b.    Valentine’s Day: Celebrated each year on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is recognized as the holiday of love. Red roses and heart-shaped symbols are strongly associated with the holiday.

c.     Mardi Gras: Celebrated globally, usually near the end of February. This celebration has roots in medieval Europe and arrived here in North America with French explorer Pierre Le Moyne in 1699. “Mardi Gras” translates to “Fat Tuesday” in French, and calls for a feast right before the beginning of Lent.

d.    Black History Month: Across the U.S., February is widely recognized as Black History Month, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements and contributions of African Americans to U.S. history.

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