January 2024 Newsletter

Endow the child’s mind as

the most precious asset

of the family and humanity!

BriteMinds Team New Year’s Resolution….

Our BriteMinds Team is excited to offer our students exceptional learning experiences. We pledge to guide students in discovering their own passion for learning.

The BriteMinds Team will:

  • Continue practicing what we teach, organize, time manage, and prioritize our students’ individualized learning plans
  • Listen to our students and parents so we can adapt to effectively meet the specific needs of each student
  • Welcome and appreciate our students’ amazing life stories as they inform and inspire the learning process
  • Plan each lesson based on the unique needs of every student
  • Maintain clear communication with parents using our “BriteMinds Grid”


We wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to an amazing and

successful academic year together!

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BriteMinds Makes Learning Easier

BriteMinds students enjoy learning, because we:

  • Create a positive, comfortable, and supportive learning environment by reducing distractions and providing motivating feedback to enhance concentration
  • Break down homework assignments into manageable chunks so that smaller sections are less overwhelming, easier to understand, think about, and retain
  • Integrate multi-sensory teaching approach to align with a student’s learning style and increase associatory memory (recognizing relationships between concepts)
  • Use mnemonics/reminders -mnemonics are memory aids that help students retain information by associating it with a phrase or acronym
  • Have students ask questions to clarify concepts and ensure understanding, remembering that questions signal that students are actively thinking
  • Encourage students to self-record audio and video clips to listen to their own voice and thoughts for review and memorization
  • Encourage daily, stimuli-free time to practice relaxation, mindfulness, and self-reflection, in addition to getting enough sleep


At BriteMinds, we strive to provide students

with the tools they need to succeed!

Daily Feedback to Parents!

Reduce stress and increase productivity!

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Learning Differences – Essential TIPS

Our all-inclusive teaching style at BriteMinds welcomes children with various learning differences, including Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Dyslexia, or Performance Anxiety. As our testimonials highlight, we adapt our personalized, hands-on instruction style to meet the needs of children who may be hard to reach in traditional classroom settings.

8 TIPS for Working with Learning Differences:

1.    Be sensitive and patient, find a comfortable pace that matches the student’s pace

2.    Ensure inclusion in group activities

3.    Use clear and direct communication, as well as diagrams and visual cues

4.    Encourage asking questions, clarifying, and verifying directions and fostering understanding

5.    Build rapport and a partnership. Feeling known and understood by the teacher increases motivation and decreases shame

6.    Apply flexible, but structured learning plans

7.    Provide frequent feedback to reduce frustration

8.    Use rubrics to offer performance guidance 

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Educational Games

for Family Night!

Playing games as a family can be a lot of fun! These games help develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills, and family members can also enhance moral power!

Playing with Tetra Tower Balancing Blocks

requires attention, patience, impulse control, hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking, and imagination!

This interactive game is entertaining and sparks joy for everyone in the family!

Educational games are integrated into BriteMinds students' lesson plans!

BriteMinds Book of the Month

Our students are sure to find great books in our BriteMinds library. This month we would like to highlight “The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton.

This book illustrates what teenagers may encounter growing up while finding themselves. Dealing with social status (the rich West Side Socs versus the poor East Side greasers), this rebellious roller coaster ride of emotions illuminates the value of friendship and loyalty.

Most importantly, this story provides opportunities for parent-child discussions about moral principles, including staying true to one self and dealing with social and economic disparities. Learning how to analyze complex texts is a key part of our English Language tutoring process.

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