November 2023 Newsletter

Knowledge Making at BriteMinds!

Thanksgiving Learning Experiences

Benefit from the delicious outcome of BriteMinds Executive Functioning Program during the Thanksgiving festivities! Encourage your children to use their skills such as talking about history around the table, reminiscing about family memories, working on holiday decorations, or feeling creative preparing a tasty meal together. Collaboration and teamwork provide great opportunities to enhance Executive Functioning Skills. Organizing a to-do list, communicating in an inspiring way, expressing curiosity, and listening to stories are some delicious behaviors everyone appreciates. Make your Thanksgiving learning experiences fun and surprising for your whole family. Celebrate Thanksgiving while learning through memorable experiences! 

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BriteMinds 8 Surprises for the Holiday

Holidays bring family and friends together, creating endless opportunities for new experiences. What’s the most surprising Thanksgiving learning experience you’ve ever had? Coming from the heart, simple actions may surprise your loved ones. May the following ideas bring warmth and inspiration to your family and friends:

1.     Write a surprise letter and read it to someone you appreciate

2.     Invite someone for a walk and talk, capture beautiful moments on camera

3.     Make up a “Jar of Questions” and listen to your friends and family responding to them

4.     Offer help to someone who would not expect it

5.     Cook your most delicious dish and surprise someone with it

6.     Create a digital photo album for someone you had memorable moments with

7.     Play a game with someone who would enjoy the interaction

8.     Plant a small tree and give it to someone

Wishing you a wonderful family tradition of celebrating the joy of giving. 

Ask Siri vs. Family Talking Time

Family Talking Time around the holidays allows family members to stay connected and develop strong relationships. Enjoying meaningful experiences, practicing social communication skills, and enhancing vocabulary are all beneficial for deeper family bonds. Family Talking Time can facilitate children’s discoveries and reveal answers to their questions, unlike asking Google for an answer. At BriteMinds, we want our students to discover their own motivation and love of learning. Our teaching methods empower students to discover answers with confidence and motivation. Looking for answers online may be entertaining, but self-discoveries lead to feeling engaged and successful. Family Talking Time is an opportunity to help children find their own love of learning. 

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 Parent Teacher Conferences

At BriteMinds, we understand the importance of parent-teacher conferences. Here are some ideas to consider for your next one. Preparing questions about your child’s assessments, test scores, report cards, writing assignments, and reading requirements can be helpful. Identifying areas where you and your child’s teacher can collaborate—organizational tips, social skills, seating preferences—are some essential areas to target. Teachers see children with their peer group, which can augment the child’s strengths and weaknesses; these questions can be addressed during the conference. Teachers may provide stress management tips when children need to self-regulate. Teacher-parent conferences can support children in becoming lifelong independent learners. 

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