June 2023 Newsletter

Summer at BriteMinds

Build on Talents to Develop Skills

Routinely exercising our body has significant health benefits. This is also true for exercising our brain’s neural circuits for higher levels of thinking. Building on your child’s talents, let’s help them develop skills in a fun and creative way! Starting with identifying an ability, such as online shopping, we will teach children math skills by comparing deals, help them become aware of online scams, and enhance their ability to control impulsive reactions to gratify their wishes.

The exercises children learn at BriteMinds will positively impact the entire family. Children will use less screen time, enhance their communication and relationship with family members, and develop more mindful friendship skills. Parents will receive a summary of completed exercises so they can implement many of these ideas at home.

Talents and Abilities

Naturally, children get excited about repeating what they feel others value and appreciate. Some of these precious aptitudes include adaptability, inquisitiveness, honesty, teamwork, enthusiasm, perseverance, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurship. Building on talents, children can develop practical life skills such as analytic and critical thinking, financial planning, and communication skills. Children are vulnerable and can get disappointed and depressed without adequate social, emotional, and intellectual feedback. With adequate guidance and meaningful engagement, they have a better chance to thrive and succeed in the real world!

Skills and Competencies

While children can use their skills in various settings, competencies are broader concepts like personal attributes that help children apply skills more successfully. Functioning well in the real world requires children to readily apply specific skills in a variety of situations. For example, in social situations, as well as when composing an essay, using reasoning skills effectively makes a difference between a strong or weak outcome. When we want to understand core competencies, we look at how a skill is used and how successful the outcome is. For example, when delivering an oral presentation, children demonstrate core competencies by applying cause and effect relationships, actively listening, and employing engaging communication manners.

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BriteMinds Summer Program

Creative Summer Reading Projects

Supporting Intellectual Development

Summer is a great time to enhance overall reading skills at BriteMinds in an enjoyable and inspiring way! Our talented instructors will help children experience the power of storytelling. During our enriching Summer Reading Program, students will learn about social skills, become attentive to conflict resolution, and discover surprising facts and inspiring stories about the world they inhabit. Developing strong literary skills will benefit critical thinking and encourage children to recognize connections between math, science, and history. This highly inspirational literary program enhances overall intellectual development. With our wide selection of books at BriteMinds, students are guaranteed to find a book they will enjoy.

Here is a list of areas where reading supports cognitive development.

Reading Supports Intellectual Development by:

  • Increasing symbolization, imagination, and creativity
  • Enhancing social cognition such as empathy and adaptability
  • Helping information processing such as comprehension
  • Relieving stress and increasing mental flexibility
  • Supporting organized thinking and concentration
  • Informing about real-world events
  • Expanding vocabulary and literary devices
  • Strengthening memory and holding new ideas in mind

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  Math in the Real World

Practical Life Skills for Success!

This program supports children in developing real-world use of mathematics. A variety of exercises, projects, games, and resources make math an interesting and stimulating activity. BriteMinds instructors will make math user-friendly and help children become curious and engaged. This program is for any student, whether they excel or struggle or simply want to experience real-world skills using mathematics. We welcome all levels of math and student abilities. Some examples of this program include exploring the elements of financial success, understanding the concept of credit, how probability can be helpful, and examining the odds of winning or losing in various games. 

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 Executive Functioning Skill: Working Memory

Working memory is holding something in mind while doing something else and remembering to use it. For instance, in long division, holding in mind the remainder while dividing, in a social setting remembering something about the person and relating to it, taking notes while listening to the teacher, and remembering complex instructions while completing procedures.

At BriteMinds, instructors are attentively tracking students' thinking processes and serve as an auxiliary memory function to assist students in navigating complex cognitive tasks. Working memory is important for many reasons, including problem-solving, comprehension, and logical reasoning. It is one of the many Executive Functioning skills we implement at BriteMinds to help students become efficient learners and successful individuals beyond the classroom setting.

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 Just Kidding – National Children’s Day June 11, 2023 BriteMinds Advocates for the Wellbeing of Children

We believe that children are the most important asset to the family and humanity! We see that children truthfully mirror what we directly teach them and what they learn by observing us. At times, children learn even what we don’t want them to know. What we invest in our children will be part of the lives of the next generation. At BriteMinds, we carefully examine the individualized learning plans for each student to bring forth a dependable, optimally challenging, and nurturing educational service. At BriteMinds, children not only learn academics but also learn to develop their character. We are looking forward to learning together! Happy National Children's Day!

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