Newsletter July 2023

Ready for 6 Fun Learning Tips?

How to regain skills that are lost with the advancement of technology?

As technology advances, many skills such as handwriting, using maps, or spatial orientation, become seemingly obsolete. Having children grow up immersed in these experiences, shape the way they learn. BriteMinds mindfully integrate technology in children's learning process as technological ‘advancements’ will continue dominating our daily lives. This reforming change requires our sensitivity to resourcefully integrate technology into children's lives. Sustaining social-relational skill building exercises keep children's mind alive, motivated, and well connected!

BriteMinds social-relational approaches to teaching, builds children’s confidence and prevents boredom. Through our BriteMinds lessons, children can recognize effective ways to use technology instead of being consumed by the destructive influence it may have on their developing minds. Instructors help students regain the joy of collaborating, communicating, and integrating creative and critical thinking skills!

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  BriteMinds 6 Most Effective Learning Tips

·      Audio Recording for Memorization

Audio recordings are a great way for students to memorize any piece of information. For example, students can record an audio of themselves reading vocabulary words with definitions, and then listen to it while in the car, running errands, or doing chores at home.

·      Power of Acronyms for Memorization

Acronyms are helpful for memorizing things like mathematical equations, names of organizations, chemistry formulas, or when to use certain grammar tenses, and more. For example, BriteMinds stands for Brilliant, Radiant, Intelligent, Talented, and Exceptional Minds.

·      Procedural Learning - Following Step-by-step Protocols

Following step-by-step instructions helps students acquire procedural knowledge on how to accomplish a certain task or solve a particular problem. Instructors guide students through a math problem, showing them step-by-step procedures to get to the correct answer. 

·      Interleaving

Interleaving requires students to incorporate different topics relating them to one another. For example, students can study about the digestive system in science, and also explore how their favorite food provides nutritional values.

·      Dual Coding

This strategy involves multisensory channels to support the learning process such as using verbal and visual tools to enhance a student’s comprehension of a complex concept. For example, instructors can talk to students, explaining an assignment, while also showing them an image, a diagram, a symbol, or some other form of visual content. 

·      Retrieval

This technique involves having students retrieve stored information without clues. For example, an instructor might quiz students on a practice test or go through flashcards. This allows students to retrieve information they have learned truly relying on their own mind. 

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Power of Play

At BriteMinds, we recognize the relationship between play and cognitive development. Playing educational learning games empowers the learning process!

Educational games are naturally integrated into every student’s learning plan at BriteMinds. We help students practice creative and fun strategical thinking skills while regulating emotional experiences and collaborating with instructors.

BriteMinds instructors recognize play as an essential component of building confidence while becoming and staying a flexible thinker. Learning this way, children can explore and become resilient instead of shutting down without instant gratification or when encountering challenges.

Play & Learn

At BriteMinds, we ensure that our students are fully immersed in the learning process and establish fulfilling partnerships with their instructors. Activities such as word puzzles and math games motivate children to stay focused on challenges while spontaneously working hard to solve the puzzles or win a game.

Learning is often associated with agonizing boredom however, our students come to realize learning is possible while also having a good time!

The benefits of playing are observed on all cognitive, social, and emotional levels. While online programs and worksheets can enforce repetitive exercises, fun games partnering with the BriteMinds instructors can inspire children to apply themselves and learn effectively!

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Happy Independence Day!

This July 4th, as families celebrate with bonfires, barbeques, and social gatherings, we encourage parents to use this holiday as an opportunity to educate children about U.S. History and the story behind Independence Day. Parents can read their children an exciting book about Paul Revere, go to a history museum, or watch fun YouTube videos about the story behind the American Flag.

Educational activities keep children’s minds active and stimulated throughout the summer, in a time where students often slip into a ‘Summer Slide,’ losing academic skills and knowledge they have gained over the school year. BriteMinds Summer Program is created with the child’s needs in mind! It is important for students to receive stimulation and enrichment during this break time, which is why we encourage all families to sign up for our Summer Program. 

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 Summer Activity: Scavenger Hunt

Academic and Personal Growth

This Summer, we encourage children to complete a scavenger hunt. Scavenger Hunts are fun ways for kids to exercise their cognitive abilities as they figure out clues and scout for the next item. Parents can create their own scavenger hunts and host them at the beach, in the park, or even in their own backyard. We encourage parents to find or create a scavenger hunt and invite other children as well!

Scavenger hunts improve observational skills, problem-solving skills, and get children active. They are a great way for students to avoid the ‘Summer Slide,’ which often occurs during summer vacation as children lack daily mental stimulation.

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 Getting Outside: The Benefits of Being in Nature

Summer offers opportunities for children to get outside and experience nature. This summer, we encourage children spending time in the park, the beach, or in botanical gardens. There are endless learning opportunities available in nature, and children love to go out and explore. Not only do they have fun playing games and discovering new things, but they also benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally. Nature offers a peaceful environment for children to make discoveries about themselves in relation to the world around them, as well as observing the natural world with all its mysteries.

There are many ways to get children involved with nature. Parents can have a list of things for children to identify during a nature hike and answer questions such as 'Can you tell how old a tree is?' Children love feeling like professional explorers, so a pair of binoculars is a great tool to get them excited about being in nature! Having families participate in vegetable and fruit picking in a farm or community garden may have its delicious rewards!

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