Many parents have asked us about projects for the Summer and we would like to share this idea with you!

Here is a FUN way to create a Scrapbook Journal:

1. Have your child choose a fancy, large-sized notebook, possibly with lined sheets and inside pockets.

2. Have your child agree that he/she will write in it at least three or four days a week and do an entry in class.

3. Here is the fun part! Give your child ideas on how to do it. You can also work together.

  • Collect items from everyday life. For instance, if your child does not like a specific food, cut out the label and have them write a descriptive paragraph of the ingredients and how they tasted.
  • If you visit a restaurant, keep the receipt and have your child write about the food and even the price of the items on the list.
  • Movie tickets are also great additions to the scrapbook because your child can write a movie critique.
  • Bring home postcards from places you've visited and have your child write a travel log. Maps can also be great additions.

BriteMinds teachers will be glad to assist you in the process. Have your children bring in their Scrapbook Journal and share it with their teacher. It will give your child a reason to continue enhancing their writing skills and capturing those memorable moments!