SPRING into Motivation
April 2023
Spring into feeling like a superstar! The key to success at BriteMinds is our one-on-one academic partnership. Students receive validating feedback that inspires them to believe in their abilities and discover themselves in new ways. BriteMinds instructors encourage students to work through obstacles to enhance performance by reorganizing study habits and acquiring adaptive thinking strategies. Students develop a more positive self-perception when acknowledged for a specific action or behavior such as, “Your papers have been all over, but today, you put them in your binder!” Our constructive feedback reduces stress and enhances students’ self-organization and confidence. Relational learning is motivating, highly correlated with brain development, reduces performance anxiety, and increases positive self-esteem.
BriteMinds Learning Grid
Saves You Time!
At BriteMinds, we support parents by sending a learning grid at the end of every lesson, summarizing what the student and instructor completed together. The BriteMinds Learning Grid indicates student performance, observations, tips, a list of work that needs to be done, the student’s current grades, and more. Parents have told us that this learning grid has been very helpful. One parent said, “This report was the reason we chose BriteMinds; it took us hours every week to search the school’s website to know what is going on and this report saves us lots of time.” BriteMinds instructors keep the learning grid updated so we always know how students are progressing in their classes and how best we can support them.
Grade Percentage
In this section, we list the student’s current grade for each class. The grid columns show each subject, and the row covers the percentage for each class. This way, parents are aware of how their child is doing and of any fluctuations in grade percentage.
Instructors list the assignments that were given for each class. Parents will know what is assigned, when it is due, and if it is completed.

Instructors list the assignments they completed with the student in class, projects that need to be done, and tests to prepare for.
To be Completed
Instructors write down what is left to complete, which the student must finish at home. 
Instructors include ETA (Estimated Time of Assignment) and ACT (Actual Completed Time) to help students develop realistic time management skills. At the beginning of every lesson, after they have reviewed the assignments with the student, instructors will ask them to estimate how much time each task will take, and then take note of the actual time it took to complete the task. This helps students with time management skills, such as time estimation and allocation.

Growing Butterflies–Fun Spring Activity
Spring is a great time to raise butterflies at home. Not only is it a fun family experience, but it can also be very educational, especially for young children. They will learn and become fascinated about the scientific process in which a caterpillar grows into a butterfly.
Parents can purchase pre-made butterfly habitats or create a habitat of their own with the right plants, containers, and food. Children will enjoy learning about the butterfly cycle over the course of 7-10 days, watching the larvae turn into chrysalides and then butterflies.
This activity is especially fitting for the spring, as spring and summer are the best seasons to raise butterflies. We encourage spring activities related to plants, animals, and science, to best educate children while celebrating the new season.
BriteMinds Teaching Methods
At BriteMinds, our skilled instructors incorporate teaching methods that keep students engaged and focused, building relationships while helping them understand a certain concept or complete a particular assignment. Our lessons are specially individualized, based on student learning styles and personal needs. Our student-centered learning is designed to provide the best learning experience and academic growth.
Facilitating Style
Acting as guides, BriteMinds instructors use leading questions to identify and address any areas where students may be struggling to understand the material. Instructors imagine the missing information and lead the students into discovering through reasoning and logic.
Discussing Style
BriteMinds instructors build relationships with their students through constant interaction and dialogue. They ask questions, check in to make sure students understand the assignments, and offer positive feedback. This teaching method ensures that students feel comfortable and open at BriteMinds to express any thoughts and feelings in regard to their academic progress.
Directing Style
At BriteMinds, we ensure that students are understanding the course material. Through a ‘directing’ teaching method, instructors explain content directly, prompting the student to listen and follow directions while reviewing classwork or homework.
BriteMinds Vision Board
Student Goals Imagined
A vision board is a visual representation of a student's goals and aspirations. It is essentially a collage of images and words that encapsulates a student's dreams. For example, a student might create a vision board at the beginning of the year with images of teens gathering because they want to have more friends, a soccer ball because they want to win a soccer tournament, or some text about health and wellness because they want to start exercising and eat healthier. A vision board captures a student’s vision for their life, whether for a particular season or an entire year.
At BriteMinds, we encourage students of any age to create a vision board because it:
·      Helps imagine themselves in new ways
·      Keeps them motivated
·      Improves chances of success
·      Increases productivity
·      Enhances confidence
At BriteMinds, we help students realize their goals and work toward completing them. We collaboratively create a vision board with realistic ideas for academic success to help students believe in themselves and make their goals happen. We assist students in creating a learning plan that fits who they are and encourage accountability during every lesson. Confidence is key to success!