Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World (Including Our Health)!

In the latest Genomics: Insights article “Machine Learning and Food Allergy,” learn how the combination of machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, and genomics has the potential to change how food allergies are diagnosed and cared for. 

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It's Never Too Late To Celebrate DNA Day, and You Can Celebrate With Skype a Scientist and the National Human Genome Research Institute!

 Watch Skype a Scientist’s DNA Day 2024 video and take a tour of a lab where exciting and innovative research on DNA is happening. 

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Do People Really Know What DNA is? Watch the Louise M. Slaughter National DNA Day Lecture video to find out.  

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Word of the Month

from NHGRI's Talking Glossary of Genomic and Genetic Terms


Genomics is a field of biology focused on studying all the DNA of an organism — that is, its genome. Such work includes identifying and characterizing all the genes and functional elements in an organism’s genome as well as how they interact. 

Hear from Dr. Eric Green, the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, about what genomics is and its impact on everything from medicine to ancestry. 


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