To Friends Of
Cave Creek Canyon

FoCCC Brings Kids Back to Nature
In Cave Creek Canyon

FoCCC's Education Team of Carol Frischmann and Cecil Williams brought kids from San Simon to the Southwestern Research Station

Students arrive at SWRS and meet
 Michelle Lahan the Resident Research Scientist......     

FOCCC Education Coordinator, Carol Frischmann 
and a student walking to the SWRS Weather Station 
to learn all about it
 Students learn how snow                 Michelle shows Science Teacher Heather    water content is measured.           Lentz how a thermal imaging camera works

Classroom time...students learn about
 storms, flash floods, and erosion.         Students learn about Check Dam                                                                                                 mitigation

Students go to the creek, and gather rocks for Michelle 
who demonstrates how a Check dam is built.

23 Students make their way back to their bus after
 a wonderful scientific and adventurous visit to SWRS. 

Thanks to SWRS for their support!

Apache School Returns.....
.....for a STEM lesson on a cold January day

Weather-  instruments,topography, erosion, and wind direction 

Making wind instruments..................Proud of our projects and being playful.


Erosion .....discussing the effects of erosion 
and observing a water experiment 

Learning about topography at the Visitor Information Center with Earth Science teacher and VIC Host Dave Baird

All of these activities are made possible by your donations to the Gerry Hernbrode Fund and a grant from the Arizona Community Foundation If you support bringing kids and nature
 together,  please send a donation payable to 
FoCCC. PO Box 16126, Portal, AZ  85632.

Visitor Information Center Hosts

We are very happy to have Wanda and Dave Baird from Michigan and Ann and Duanne Swift from Wisconsin  as our hosts at the VIC for January-March.  They are really enjoying their time here and especially the weather - no polar vortex in Portal!

Wanda and Dave brought a special friend who is having a great time greeting everyone at the VIC!  
Biggie is there Wed. - Fri.

The incredible moon pictures in January!

Above and below by Tony Donaldson

  Eclipse by Fred Espenak  

By Tim Lawson

A Backyard Visitor
By Ron Quinn
Ron Quinn   Ron Quinn 

Ron Quinn

Jackie Lewis's Good Friend


2019 FoCCC M embers of the Board

FOCCC 2019 Officers and Board
[Ron Kaczor was appointed to the board at the January board of directors meeting.  Thanks for helping, Ron!]

Reed Peters         President                                            Other Board Members  
Sheri Ashley        Vice President                           Bob Ashley     Wynne Brown  
Mike Williams      Vice President 
                       Alan Craig     Rene Donaldson
Rick Beno 
Rolf Koford         Kim Vacariu
Stevie Wayman    Secretary
Ron Kaczor Cecil Williams




Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon
PO Box 16126
Portal, Arizona 85632


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Thanks to our "Sustainer's Circle" members 
for their generous support:  
Tom Arny, Bob and Bettina Arrigoni, Nancy and Thomas Denney, Mary George, Renata Golden, Bill and Sally Hague, Paul Hirt and Linda Jakse, Don Hollister, Pi Irwin and Zsombor Zoltan, Ken Jenkins, Leuthold Family Foundation,  Barbara Lounsbery,  Patrick McNamara, John and Karin McQuillan, Barbara and Pete Miller, Patricia Parran, CeCe Raak, Tom Roseman and Paula Baldwin, Delia Scholes, Donald and Martha Squire and Bob and Sherry Zoellick.

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