Bringing Clean Water to God's Thirsty Children in the Shadows
Most of the structures on the island of Guanaja were destroyed by the fire.
Responding to a Disaster Off the Coast of Honduras

In the first days of October, a terrible fire tore through the island of Guanaja, just off the coast of Honduras, destroying hundreds of homes and other structures. While it is known as the “Green Island,” and a popular tourist destination for divers and snorkelers, most of the island’s people are poor, making their way by fishing or working in service industries.

Many of them were left homeless and without access to basic necessities like shelter, food – and clean water.

Water With Blessings began working right away with Food for the Poor and CEPUDO (a Honduran community development organization) to respond to the need. And because it was an emergency situation, we were prepared to supply them with temporary water stations.

The water stations are the Water With Blessings way of providing clean water as quickly and abundantly as possible, when there isn’t time to train and equip Water Women through our normal process. People can line up to fill their containers as often as necessary.

But following up last week, our team was on-site training Water Women in order to have a more long-term solution to the challenge.
As with many tourist sites, there is the invisible area no one knows about, where you find the people who provide the services for the tourists. In the shadows of hotels and other entertainment centers, there is always great need.

In the past week our team trained more than 1,800 Water Women, ensuring that those most in need have clean water for years to come. Every natural disaster, whether great or small in scale, leaves people crying out for clean water. This particular case was confined to one tiny island, but the need is as intense for a few as it is for many.

We thank Food for the Poor for underwriting the costs of the water stations, and CEPUDO for coordinating the effort.

And we thank you, our Community for Mission, for keeping us prepared to respond to the next crisis, in addition to our ongoing work of giving new Water Women the opportunity to provide clean water for God’s thirsty children.
Above, new Water Woman begin their training. Below, a worker shows the people's indomitable spirit with a thumbs-up.
Create a Legacy
To Make Clean Water Flow For God's Thirsty Children

(And protect your loved ones at the same time)

Last week we told you how Debbie Robson, the Chief Community Officer at Water With Blessings, recently updated her will to protect the future security of her three children and at the same time ensure her own legacy of clean water that will continue to flow for God’s thirsty children. Her gift make a big difference for vulnerable children and their families around the world.

Planned gifts are critical to Water With Blessings’ future. Although today is the final day of National Estate Planning Awareness Week, we ask you to please consider making your own legacy gift to benefit our life-saving mission.

You can create your own unique legacy with an estate plan that will support your loved ones and your favorite charitable organizations in the future. Important considerations for estate planning and charitable giving include:

  • Are you providing for your family’s future security and your own comfort with your current will?
  • Are you planning for the transfer of your assets that have a high likelihood of appreciation (gaining dollar value)?
  • Are you considering gifts to charity in your estate planning, and will they use the most efficient approaches?
  • Are you considering a charitable donation program involving a family-owned business?

We encourage you to talk with your financial and legal advisors to create an estate plan that can help protect you, your loved ones, and your life’s work.

Our Coffee Chat this past Friday featured a conversation about creating a will that can provide support for your favorite charitable organizations and ensure your own special legacy. To view it, please click the button below.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Stutsman,
our Chief Development Officer, at or call 502-749-5492 for more details.
It's Time Once Again for The Frosty 5K:
This Year on Sunday, December 5
We will be participating again this year in the Frosty 5K, hosted by Good Shepherd Catholic Church (Lakeview Park, 112 Park Ave, Frankfort, KY 40601). As part of the benefit to Water With Blessings, they will raffle off this beautiful queen-size quilt (82”x96”), crafted by a master-quilter and long-time WWB supporter.

The drawing will be held on Sunday, December 5, 2021, between 3-4pm. Tickets are $5 each, and you can purchase them at this address:

(KY OCG LIC: ORG0001934)
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Made with real butter, aged bourbon, delicious cinnamon (and a few secret ingredients), these rolls will become a favorite in your home or office.

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We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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