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We have exciting news! The transformation of the Depot into the Telluride Science & Innovation Center will start in October. Renovation is expected to take 18 months so this state-of-the-art facility will make its grand debut Summer 2024.

Until renovation starts in the fall, we will maximize use of the building. The Telluride Medical Center used the building as a respiratory clinic during the pandemic, and officially moved out in June. 

July is a very busy month at the Depot. Our Town Talks (Tuesdays) and scientist picnics (Wednesdays) will be held in this iconic space. We are also happy to provide an additional public venue for private parties and events through October 1. If you are interested in renting the Depot, please contact Annie.


We are on track with our fundraising goals to start renovations this fall BUT we need to keep the momentum going. Our target is to raise $1.5 million by the end of the summer.

If you have friends or colleagues who might be interested in supporting the Telluride Science & Innovation Center, please email Annie Carlson.


Anna Krylov

Professor of Chemistry

University of Southern California

Anna Krylov is a theoretical chemist with a mastery of numbers and formulas, who also has a way with words. She was recently recognized by the Communicator of the Year Award from the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. This honor recognizes her willingness to take a stand and have the courage to address a politically charged topic. Drawing from her own experience as a scientist trained in the former Soviet Union, her paper The Peril of Politicizing Science has garnered a lot of interest and started a national conversation about the dangers of the growing influence of politics, ideology, and moralization (“political correctness”) within the STEM and academia. Together with co-panelists Prof. Wittig and Luana Maroja, Krylov will explore this topic at the Town Talk on July 19.

Having participated in Telluride Science workshops for over 20 years, Krylov is excited to come back this summer to attend a workshop and hit her refresh button. “This is when I can calmly look back at the whole year, reflect on what was done, and think of the big picture. Telluride allows me to ditch “The List” – a never-empty assortment of to-do items – and think in terms of big ideas. I have begun many excellent collaborations here; many productive ideas start in Telluride.”

More  About Anna

Anna enjoys Telluride Science workshops because of their small size, relaxed pace, time for thoughtful conversation and opportunity to recharge and reconnect with nature.

Q & A with Anna 

How is Telluride Science different from other scientific conferences?

Telluride workshops are very intimate -- small groups, relaxed pace, plenty of time for thoughtful conversation. Telluride Science creates a unique culture of scientific discourse -- when people talk to each other, exchange ideas, and think together. This can be contrasted with a typical scientific conference packed with flashy presentations, which are very effective as one-way communications but do not naturally encourage dialogue.

What is your scientific field of study? How is the science you are studying applied outside of the lab?

I am a theoretical chemist. We apply the laws of quantum mechanics to understand how molecules behave. We do it by translating physics into mathematics and then into computer algorithms. By doing so, we develop software tools that can be used to help experimental research in chemistry and physics. We also use these tools to study interesting phenomena.

Complete Q & A


JohnKim alley view.jpg

If you are interested in hosting a scientist for five or six nights at an affordable rate in your guest house, condo, or home this summer or next fall/winter, please email Annie Carlson. We are especially in need of lodging July 11-17.


Finding affordable lodging for our scientists is a big challenge. We are so grateful to the following people for offering to host a scientist:

  • Andi Alexander
  • Vadim Backman & Luisa Marcelino
  • Meg & Jay Bodnar
  • Miles & Nicole Cook
  • Sally Puff Courtney & Jim Harley
  • John & Sueanne Kim
  • Dave & Kelly Jemison 
  • Jim & Joanne Steinback


Ice and Fire: Volcanoes of the Arctic Ocean

A guy named Jon Snow came to Telluride to talk about ice and fire. No, not the Jon Snow from Game of Thrones*, but rather Dr. Jonathan Snow, arctic explorer, professor and chair of geology and geophysics at Louisiana State University. He says there’s all sorts of fascinating stuff going on with the undersea volcanoes deep beneath the Arctic ice. Dr. Snow is joined by award-winning broadcast journalists Judy Muller and George Lewis.




Pinhead Institute is a Smithsonian Affiliate based in Telluride that promotes science education. It inspires the next generation to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Every year, Pinhead places high school students in STEM-related internships all over the country, and many of our scientists have mentored past Pinterns.

This summer, Telluride Science Board President, Judy Kim, welcomed local student, Olivia Hatcher, to assist with research in her biochemistry lab at the University of Southern California San Diego. We are grateful to Dr. Kim for opening her lab to Hatcher. Read about her excellent experience here


July 11-17

Art & Architecture

July 19

Town Talk: Free Speech: The case for open intellectual discourse in science

July 26

Town Talk: Viewpoints Matter: How diverse perspectives bring about scientific progress

The Sunset Music Series in Mountain Village runs Wednesday and Thursday from July 13-August 13.

Telluride Inside & Out has a robust event calendar with an abundance of information on events and things to do in Telluride and Mountain Village.


Due to construction on Lift 9, See Forever and the Wasatch connection will be closed all summer.

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