Focus on Nutrition
Canine reproduction is a performance state much like athletic performance. Just as you condition and train a Newfoundland athlete, preparing for pregnancy nutritionally and from a health standpoint is important.

In this issue we'd like to share information on nutrition for both stud dogs and brood bitches, as well as important nutrition considerations for giant breed pups that you should be aware of to share with new owners for the pups you produce.
Hypospermia Improvement in Dogs Fed on a Nutraceutical Diet

Male dog infertility may represent a serious concern in the canine breeding market. The aim of this clinical evaluation was to test the efficacy of a commercially available nutraceutical diet, enriched with Lepidium meyenii, Tribulus terrestris,...

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How to Care for & Feed a Breeding Bitch

Avoiding malnourishment of a bitch from the pre-breeding phase to parturition is vital to the health of both the bitch and her pups. We are all aware that good nutrition and proper prenatal care play important roles in ensuring the birth of...

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Nutritional Requirements Giant Breed Puppies

Not all puppy foods are alike. Not all pups are alike. Feeding the proper diet to the right puppy is very important, especially for large or giant breed pups. There is no universal dog food. Pups grow up, but they must grow at the proper rate.

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Maternal and Post-Weaning Nutrition

Every breeder has the desire to produce a litter of healthy puppies that grows and develops to exemplify the characteristics of their breed. Unfortunately, this task is far easier to describe than to accomplish.

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Giant Expectations: Nutrition for the Large-Breed Puppy

Portrayed by cheerful characters such as Marmaduke, the lovably loyal Great Dane in the comic strip by Brad Anderson, large- and giant-breed dogs are popular companions. Great Danes, along with dogs of similar stature such as mastiffs,...

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Poll - What's Your Approach?
How do you alter your brood bitches' diet?
No change from normal diet
Increase amount of normal diet
Add supplements to normal diet
Switch to puppy food
Switch to another adult food
Continuing Education: Webinar Canine Reproductive and Pediatric Nutrition
CHIC Update and Clarification
The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Congenital Cardiac Clearance program is a screening process used to identify dogs that may have congenital heart defects. Congenital heart defects are abnormalities in the structure of the heart that are present at birth, and they can cause a range of health problems in affected dogs. The OFA program involves a thorough cardiac evaluation performed by a veterinary cardiologist, which includes a physical examination, auscultation or echocardiogram . Dogs that pass the evaluation receive an OFA certification indicating that they are clear of congenital cardiac disease this congenital clearance done after 12 months of age is for the life of the dog. The NCA recommends the advanced echocardiogram clearance for all breeding Newfoundlands, which can help breeders make informed decisions about which dogs to use for breeding to help reduce the incidence of these conditions in future generations.
New Release

Canine Nutrition: Food, Feeding and Function aims to help canine caregivers navigate the world of dog food and feeding, and is an essential guide for anyone who lives with dogs and wants to understand more. With a strong grounding in canine and nutritional science, this book introduces the key concepts and foundation knowledge of what dogs need nutritionally.

Studies Enrolling Participants

Early Detection of Canine Osteosarcoma

This project is designed to develop a reliable, minimally invasive blood-based test for early detection of canine osteosarcoma. Such a test could then be combined with strategic and rationally-designed treatments to kill the tumors before they form. Since all large- and giant dogs have an elevated risk of bone cancer, this work has the potential to benefit a multitude of breeds.

Puppy Referral System

The NCA has a Puppy Referral System. This program allows any NCA member to list a planned litter, puppies available or an adult needing placement. Listings are now available to all NCA members. If you have questions or suggestions about the program, please let us know.