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Countdown to the Launch of National Health Center Week 2017 Begins American Kinetics LLC Campaign Celebrates the Key to Healthier Communities

4th Annual SoopaFitt Health Expo and Street Festival Coming To Downtown East Point
EAST POINT- Experts predict that more than 600,000 people in the U.S. will die from cancer in 2017.  The number is staggering especially in light of the fact that prevention and early screenings save lives.  Working on the front lines of community health at American Kinetics LLC we see people who have delayed or even avoided seeking care because they are uninsured, underinsured and are worried about the cost of getting basic health care services.  

At American Kinetics LLC's SoopaFitt Health Expo and Street Festivals, we make screening services free and easily available to those who typically fall through the cracks of the U.S. health care system.  We serve all people, regardless of who they are, where they are from, and whether or not they have an insurance card.  We welcome everyone and treat every patient with dignity and respect.  Because lack of transportation can be a barrier to getting care, we do everything we can to ensure the screenings and services that patients need to stay healthy are available in a public location.  To increase patient participation American Kinetics LLC , Lupus Matters Corporation and Georgia Spartans will host the 4th Annual SoopaFitt Health Expo and Street Festival on East Point Street in East Point, Georgia on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

American Kinetics LLC received approval from GDOT and secured a City of East Point permit to close a portion of State Route 14 SO (East Point Street) from Ware Avenue to West Cleveland Avenue to hold the 4th Annual SoopaFitt Health Expo and Street Festival, on Saturday August 12, 2017 to kick of National Health Center Week.  The SoopaFitt health fair will present health centers and medical exhibitors on the street.  We also connect people with treatment services provided by DPH / Fulton County Board of Health and make referrals so patients can receive specialized care when needed.  

Fulton County Board of Health's WIC, Communicable Diseases, Health Promotion divisions will provide a display of services to include: BOH Services and Health Center locations flyers, pamphlets that address Chronic Disease Prevention, Breasting Feeding and Nutrition Information, Safe Kids and AHYD programs’ information and materials provided for distribution by Nursing Services and other programs.  Additional medical screening services that will be free and available at the 4th Annual SoopaFitt Health Expo consist of: Walgreens Flu Shots, High Blood Pressure Screening, HIV Testing and HEP C screening.  

American Kinetics LLC is part of a statewide network of health and community partners that provide a range of preventive care services—including Lupus Education, Breast Cancer resources, Diabetes testing, Blood Pressure, HIV, HEP C, and other important screenings for the residents of Georgia.  Health centers are dedicated to fighting disease in America’s most underserved and economically challenged communities and American Kinetics LLC supports the fight.   Every year hundreds of thousands of health center patients receive affordable screenings for diabetes, HIV, HEP C, breast, cervical and colon cancer—services that are critical to boosting the survival rates for the disease.  

Access to regular care is a critical step toward improving the odds of cancer and lifestyle related disease survival rates. It is also important for providers to look beyond the medical chart for answers. Within the walls of our health center that means taking the time to understand the complex challenges our patients face in their day-to day-lives. Many typically struggle with a host of problems that can trigger poor health and make recovery from any illness difficult.  We know Lupus and cancer patients who suffer from depression, or lack of resources to afford prescription drugs, or unable to find child care as they recover from surgery or treatment.  Local nonprofits, I Will Survive Inc. and Lupus Matters Corporation will support the SoopaFitt health fair by providing tangible resources for Breast Cancer and Lupus patients and their families.  

Health centers like the HEALing Community Care and JenCare Senior Medical centers started out more than 50 years ago not just to bring health care to the medically underserved, but to also address community problems that may affect the health of the patient population – such as lack of proper nutrition, unemployment,   poverty, substance abuse, or mental health.  Health centers are problem-solvers and work hard to find solutions for our patients.  Even if there is no cure for their illness our efforts are directed toward ensuring they have quality care and assistance when and where they need it.  This is how health care should work for everyone, especially for those living with lifestyle related disease like Cancer and Lupus.  

We are proud of our role in keeping our community strong and healthy and invite you to visit our SoopaFitt Health Expo and Street Festival health fair in East Point, Georgia during the kick off of National Health Center Week (August 13-19, 2017).  To support the SoopaFitt Health Expo and Street Festival contact American Kinetics LLC via email
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