New Horizon in 2021
Happy New Year! As we enter the year 2021, changes in travel continue at a fast pace keeping all of us on our toes about what to do next. The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine leads the way to brighter days only to be followed by the emergence of new strains and unified rules and regulations in travel between states and countries. 
What do you do? Read below to learn more.
Everything since COVID-19 has been expected. Viruses mutate over time; the same goes with COVID-19. Changes will catalyze different reactions. We don't like any of it one last bit. The greatest news is we all have common goals to lock in full control of COVID-19 minimizing its spread and move forward to brighter days ahead as St. Jude scientists make a breakthrough and discover possible COVID-19 treatment.

We all want to go back to our families, businesses, and travel. We will.

  • Plan your travel accordingly for the required COVID-19 testing before leaving for your destination and prior to returning to the U.S. Anticipate extra time and funds needed to accommodate the unexpected.
  • We can't emphasize enough the importance to purchase travel insurance necessary as required by the visiting country but also crucial for medical coverage should you tested positive or require medical attention due to COVID-19.

Rules and regulations about COVID-19 continue to change between states and countries.
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Travel restrictions continue to change following the availability of COVID-19 vaccine.

If flying will be your mode of travel, consider these tips from the TSA directors for the smoothest journey.
Hotels are responding to recent changes by offering on-site testing to complementary stay if tested positive as well as COVID-19 medical coverage up to $194,000 from selected hotels.

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As you know, I am also a pharmacist. Since proof of the COVID-19 vaccine is likely required for future travel and people are debating getting it, I have been asked about the differences between traditional versus COVID-19 vaccines. 

Traditional vaccines consist of pathogens that have been killed or weakened so that they can not cause disease and serve primarily to induce a protective immune response. COVID-19 vaccine is different in that the pathogen used is a copy of the virus and neither an attenuated nor inactivated virus. Just as an artist skillfully copies a Monet masterpiece to the exact detail, the protein, mRNA, transcribes the image of COVID-19 so well that the body mistakes the copy as the actual virus. Consequently, the antibody is produced. An individual can not be contracted with COVID-19 from the vaccine as there is no virus present in either shot.

Getting the vaccine is a big decision and still an uncomfortable one for some people. Click on the following link to learn How Long It Takes to Become Immune After Getting the COVID Vaccine.

Things will continue to change. We will keep you updated! 

People having to cancel their trips in 2020 are looking forward to traveling in 2021 and early 2022. Given the relaxed cancellation policies and decreased deposits from the suppliers, reservations are filling up for the latter half of 2021 and into 2022. If you are able, plan ahead so you will not be caught in the competition for availability and pricing later. The excitement of having something beautiful to look forward to makes the days go by faster. 

During a time when health consultation plays an important role in the peace of mind of travelers and as an extra value to you, we have extended the pharmacy consulting to the services offered by Live Travel.

We are here to help with your trip whenever you are ready for the adventure!
As you add dream destinations to your list of travel, give the gift of travel, and support a small business.
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