Breaking News! Escrow has closed!
Fallbrook congratulates and thanks 
Jade and Julie Work! 
The fallowed Fallbrook Golf Course's back nine as it returns to meadow. Photo: Ken Seals, October 31, 2016.  
Finally! We are thrilled to report that the sadly neglected land that was once upon a time Fallbrook Golf Course has closed escrow and ownership has officially transferred to Gird Valley, Inc., owned by Fallbrook residents Jade and Julie Work!

Jade was happy to share his plans for the property in this detailed article by Tom Ferrall of the Village News. Please take a few minutes to read it. Wait 'til you read the wonderful outpouring of fabulous comments! Please be sure to jump into the celebration and add your own remarks!

Gird Valley painting, courtesy of  Mijoa Rho.
Located in the heart of Gird Valley, the property's 116 acres include a creek, two ponds and a stunning selection of native oaks and sycamores, all habitat for a wide variety of birds and wildlife. Humans have used the land for hunting and gathering, agricultural purposes such as farming, ranching and beekeeping. Over the last few decades, the land has been used for recreation, golf, a restaurant, bar, weddings and family celebrations. 

Now, as we move on to a new future as envisioned by Jade Work, we look forward to the transformation of Gird Valley into the Napa of North County. 

"When we saw it was headed for imminent development, we decided to buy it," said Jade who has committed to a use that "will be in keeping with the rural character of Gird Valley and will enhance the neighborhood." The property will be protected forever from large-scale development through the use of conservation easements which the Works will place on the land's title. 
Gird Valley resident Joan McConnell has stated, "Beyond appreciating the intrinsic beauty of the location and saving it from development, Jade and Julie have the skills, knowledge and experience to create something really stunning here in Gird Valley. We are here to help them succeed in that endeavor."

Since Jade lost valuable time due to delays during the escrow process, he and his crew will start working on his property very soon. Expect to see a lot of activity this winter! 

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Jade and Julie Work for saving this property from development. We will share more details with you soon! 
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