May 23, 2024



AB 2640, the CLASS Act,

Passes Full Assembly 

Click the photo to watch Assemblymember Kalra presenting AB 2640.

Sacramento, Calif., May 23, 2024 - Today, AB 2640, The CLASS (Compassionate Advancements in Science Studies) Act, authored by Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) and co-sponsored by Social Compassion in Legislation, PETA, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, passed the full Assembly with a vote of 53-to-0.


Every year in the U.S., an estimated 10 million animals are killed for dissection. Frogs are taken from the wild (a practice that disrupts ecosystems), fetal piglets are cut from the wombs of their mothers, and cats that may be someone’s lost companion end up on dissection trays. Other animals are routinely drowned or suffocated. 


The Class Act will modernize science education in the state of California by requiring teachers to inform students of their right to opt out of dissection and choose a non-animal assignment instead, in addition to information regarding possible exposure to harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde.

“Today's bipartisan vote is a big win for students' rights to opt-out of animal dissection,” said Judie Mancuso, Founder and CEO of Social Compassion in Legislation. “Every single person I have spoken to remembers dissection as a negative experience. They took away nothing about biology – just that killing animals to carve them up is cruel and disgusting. Today’s digital technologies or synthetic models offer a better understanding of animal anatomy and spares them from being exposed to formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, or participating in animal cruelty.”


“Cutting open animals for cruel and archaic dissection can be traumatizing for compassionate young people and can deter those with ethical objections from pursuing careers in science,” says PETA TeachKind Science Program Manager Samantha Crowe. “PETA thanks the Assembly for protecting vulnerable students and animals by reinforcing their right to opt for superior, humane, non-animal methods.”

"We are ecstatic to see AB 2640 pass the full Assembly with such a robust bipartisan vote", said Nickolaus Sackett, Director of Legislative Affairs for SCIL. "We cannot thank Assemblymember Kalra enough for his perseverance and leadership on this issue. We look forward to moving the bill through the Senate and to the Governor's desk."


The next stop for this bill is the Senate Education Committee. Watch for details about the time and date of that hearing and actions you can take to help move it forward.


Save California's Prop 12 Farm Animal Protections!

Right now, Congress is considering passing a version of the Farm Bill with some of the most dangerous language ever proposed—and the fate of animals and people hangs in the balance.

House Agriculture Committee Chair GT Thompson shared his proposed Farm Bill and Title XII, Section 12007 includes language that is designed to wipe out state laws that ban the sale of products that are the result of cruel cage

confinement of egg-laying chickens, mother pigs, and baby veal calves. Even California's monumental Proposition 12 is now under threat, as is Massachusetts historic Question 3.

Your federal legislators have the power to stop this Farm Bill in its tracks.

Our friends at The Humane League have made it easy to contact your federal legislators on this issue. Please visit their "Take Action" page to send a message to your representatives.

Want to do more?

Rep. Jim Costa (Dem. CA-21, Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo) and Rep. Salud Carbajal (Dem. CA-24, Fresno to Visalia) sit on the House Agriculture Committee and will be faced with a vote on this Farm Bill at anytime. That means they are uniquely positioned to keep this language out of the Farm Bill.

If you’re a constituent of either Congressman, you’re uniquely positioned to call on them to do what’s right! Click on the district links above to see if you live in their district.

You can call Representative Costa’s Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-9308 and Representative Carbajal’s Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-3601.

Please do not call their offices if you are not a constituent.

Here’s what you can say to a staffer or leave on the answering machine:

"My name is NAME, and I’m a constituent residing in [your zip code]. I am calling to leave a message for my Representative. I’m calling to ask that you vote no on GT Thompson’s Farm Bill and any Farm Bill that includes language like Title XII, Section 12007 that would overturn elections, and state agriculture laws, like California’s Proposition 12. This section has the same impact as the failed EATS Acts and the King Amendments."

Working in the state legislature for the past 17 years has been very challenging. Each year we win some, and we lose some. This is the nature of the beast.

Getting good legislation passed, and fighting bills that are bad for animals, requires financial resources. We’re grateful for your donations of any amount.

On behalf of SCIL and all the animals, we thank you for your ongoing support!

Judie Mancuso, founder/CEO/president

Social Compassion in Legislation

Social Compassion in Legislation
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