The Fish are 
in the 
Gulf of Mexico!!!!!!

Spring Trout and Red Fishing in Steinhatchee  Florida 

"quit wishing and come fishing!"
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From the Flats
Garry and Captain Tony

Last Weekends Catch.  

I had a charter on Monday the 16th and wanted to do some pre-fishing.  This time of year, the fish are in a transitional phase.  They are moving from the deeper holes, the river, and the creeks back into the flats.  I wanted to see where they were.  The picture above shows some of the fish we found. 

The annual Steinhatchee Community Tournament was going on Saturday so Garry and I decided we would kill two birds with one stone so to speak.  We combined my scouting trip with tournament fishing.  

One of the prizes awarded was "redfish with the most spots."  We caught many redfish.  In fact on Saturday we culled some smaller fish.  We also caught the fish below.  Note it had nine spots on the side you can see.  Well, it also had nine spots on the other side.  18 spots total.  A great fish to catch when spots are paying $250 dollars!  Look at this fish!!

18 Spot Redfish.

Well, as it turns out, our fish was FIRST LOSER!  The winning Redfish had 23 spots!  We sure thought we had it with 18.  I have seen 6 spots win before.

We had a blast catching fish on Saturday and Sunday!  On Monday, the fishing slowed a bit, probably because of weather factors.  Sometimes it happens.  That is why they call it fishing!  On Monday I had two great guys on board.  Marv from Jacksonville and Elgin from CANADA!  I think he won the award for farthest traveled!  Great guys that are welcome anytime.

New Shirt Color. PINK!!

The next few weeks should show the Spanish Mackerel showing up in large numbers.  They are already showing up on the docks.  These guys are a ball to catch as they absolutely BLAST most anything moving in the water.  You can usually find them by looking for the diving birds.  On calm days you can see them tearing up the water from a great distance.  Trolling spoons is another great way to catch these tasty fighters!  They are only here in great numbers certain times of the year, and they are an added bonus to our Trout and Redfishing adventures.

We are offering a spring special for those who can get away on weekdays. Monday through Thursday through the end of April we are offering free lodging for two.  This is a single room with at least two beds.  The rooms are clean and nice.  If you want to upgrade to three or four folks, you can do so at a nominal cost.  This is a great offer that can save you over $60!  The trips must be booked and enjoyed before May 1st to receive the offer.  Just let us know when you call that you want to take advantage of the offer.  

Some of the best days of the year to fish are here now.  Cooler days and mild nights are an additional reward for spring fishing!  You can leave your rods and reels and tackle at home, as we provide the tackle, bait and lures, water and ice. If you have a favorite rod and want to bring it, do so!  But we provide everything you need to have a fun, productive and safe day fishing.  

We are filling up quickly for our scalloping trips.  If you want to ensure getting the days you desire, I HIGHLY suggest getting the trip booked NOW!  Some dates are already filling for the hotels and rental properties.

Those that book early get the best dates!

Jewell, Captain Tony and Captain Jim

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More fish caught over the past few weeks.
Now that's a nice "mess a fish!"

Last weekends Charter Group
Jeff, Dave, Nick, Captain Tony and Bob
Tim and his Gator Trout!


The cooler nights and milder days are still here for the next few weeks, but are going to end very soon.  


This combination can make for one of the best times of the year to fish. Certainly one of the most EXPLOSIVE times of the year for catching!  A most enjoyable climate to make precious memories with friends and family.


Great dates, (including some weekends) are still available. Weekday trips are wide open!  The calendar is beginning to fill, and soon it will be summer and the spring fishing will slip into the past until next year...............

Don't miss the boat!
charter/lodging packages
are still available!  
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Scallop season is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.
That special time of year when we are blessed with the opportunity to jump out of the boat and collect those delectable crustaceans is about to be upon us.  

If you have never done it, it is an absolute blast.  We swim the clear waters in the grass flats of the Gulf of Mexico.  Some equate it to an "adult Easter Egg hunt."

Most who try it are hooked, and come back again and again.  Many go every weekend!
A nice box of FRESH SCALLOPS!
The captains here at YKnotFish make it EASY!  

Bring you own mask fins and snorkel.  We supply the bags and buckets, coolers, ice and water. We take you to the best Scallop grounds we know.  

Simply bring your swimming equipment (which can be purchased at several locations locally), what you want to eat and drink.  What could be easier?!?!?  

Come by yourself, or bring a few friends and family.  We can handle groups large and small.

The Scallop Grounds.  Great Family Fun for Everyone!

Making it happen!

It could not be easier to book with us.

Fishing trips are normally $400 for a half day, and $500 for a full day, up to two people. Each additional person is $50 each. Scallop trips are $400 for up to four people.  $50 each additional person, up to six people total.  

Special Spring Pricing Offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take $50 off of any trip above!   Limited time offer subject to end without notice at ANY TIME!  

We are booking up quickly for the summer Scallop season.  The hotels are quickly filling, so it is time to make sure you get the days you want!  Wait till the last minute, and it may not happen!!!!!! 

Gratuities for the Captain accepted, but NOT expected.

You can pay with cash, PayPal or credit card.  Great dates are still open. Some weekend dates are still available. Weekday trips are plentiful!  

A perfect way to spend a day or two of clean, wholesome fun.  

We specialize in assisting with lodging and meals.  We can have your catch cleaned and cooked with all the trimmings at one of several local restaurants. Blackend, Fried, Baked, Grilled, or Stuffed.  From swimming in the Gulf to piled on your plate, it doesn't get any fresher!  

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