June 2024, 161st EDITION

CK Spotlight of the Month:

Rainbow Dragons!

Ms.Molly, Rainbow Dragon Teacher

What was your favorite activity at Camelot

and what will you miss the most?


Ava: My favorite activity was going in the tree house and I’m going to miss going on field trips. 

Ben: My favorite activity was learning new dance moves and I’m going to miss drawing on my whiteboard. 

Dries: My favorite activity was playing on the yard and I’m going to miss seeing all my friends.

Enzo: My favorite activity was drawing and I’m going to miss playing on the yard.

Lemmy: My favorite activity was doing stuff in our journals and I’m going to miss swinging on the swings.

Leonardo: My favorite activity was practicing reading and I’m going to miss drawing creatures with my friends. 

Maude: My favorite activity was playing in the classroom and I’m going to miss the teachers. 

Nia: My favorite activity was making slime and I’m going to miss playing with my friends. 

Ren: My favorite activity was painting, and I’m going to miss the playground and the teachers.

Shavo: My favorite activity was making rainbows and I’m going to miss playing in the yard with my friends. 


Artist of the Month:

Little Dragons & Families!

To celebrate the Little Dragons unit on "All About Spring" our Little Dragons got to work on a flower petal that was sent home for each family to create together. This is the result, the inspo for this project was Eric Carle's book "The Tiny Seed"

June Dates to Remember

*Please always check the master calendar online and your weekly emails.

June 1 - Tuition Due

June 5 - New Parent Orientation via ZOOM! (link sent via email)

  • Knights Department 10am
  • Babies, Littles, Bigs & Rainbow Departments 2pm

June 7 - Silent Auction Items Due

June 11 - Sci-Wiz-A-Lot

June 14 - Rainbow-tastic Readers

June 15 - Happy Birthday, Ms.Molly - Rainbow Dragons Teacher

June 17 - Stage and Storage Move *Heavy Lifting Day!

June 19 - CLOSED - Juneteenth

June 20 - Summer Serenade Set Up and Decor Day (all day!)

June 21 - Graduation, Last Day Summer Show!!! (9am - 11am)

  • Don't forget this is not a "regular school day" - Baby Dragons, Little Dragons, Big Dragons, Rainbow Dragons all perform in our Summer Serenade Show - more information to come via email.

June 21 - Knights Program - Early Start 8am and Early Dismissal 11am

June 21 - Summer Serenade - 6pm - 9pm Disco Theme!

June 22 - Saturday Clean Up (After Event)

June 23 - Happy Birthday, Ms.Reina - Big Dragons Co-Teacher

June 25 - Happy Birthday, Ms.Katie - Camelot Site Director

June 26 - Happy Birthday, Ms.Mel - Baby Dragons Department Head, Baby Blue Dragons Co-Teacher

June 24 - June 28 - Camelot CLOSED - Summer Break


July 1 - 1st day of Summer Camp Camelot

July 4 - 5 - CLOSED - 4th of July


Our annual Summer Serenade is coming up and we need your help!

Dear families, our annual Summer Serenade is coming up on June 21st! We need some boots on the ground support gaining some auction items for our second SILENT AUCTION of the year as well as help with donations for our bar and food area!

If you're in town we also will have a few heavy lifting days as well as some decor days that we would love to have some parent support with - so come hang out with your fellow CK families and lets have some fun!


Link: Parent Volunteer Days (Set Up and Clean Up) Sign Up - link here

June 17th - Stage and Storage Move *Heavy Lifting Day!

June 20th - Set Up and Decor Day (all day!)

June 22nd - Clean Up (After Event)

LINK: Food Sign Up

LINK: Beverage Donation Sign Up

July Dates to Remember

*Please always check the master calendar online and your weekly emails.

July 1 - Tuition Due

July 1 - First Day of Summer Camp Camelot

July 4 & 5 - CLOSED 4th of July

July 17 - MS.Savannah's Birthday!

** Every Wednesday in July we are partnering with Sweetfin with "Poke with Purpose!" Order some Sweetfin and mention to Camelot and show the flyer below and you can help us fundraise during the summer! **

Dates of fundraiser!:







(July Dates)

*Please refer to all emails re:changes or additions to these dates!

Week 1: July 1 - 3

Theme: Start and Stripes Week

July 2 - Spirit Day: Red, White & Blue Day

Week 2: July 8 - 12

Theme: Ahoy Matey!

July 8: Walk the Plank!

July 9: Treasure Hunt!

July 10: Water Play

July 11: Sno Cone Day! ($2)

July 12: A Pirate Party & AM Dragon Sing!

Week 3: July 15 - 19

Theme: Reptile Week!

July 15: Frogs Vs.Toads

July 16: All About Snakes!

July 17: Chameleons & Geckos

July 18: Turtle Vs. Tortoise

July 18: Water Play

July 19: Sno Cone Day! ($2)

July 19: AM Dragon Sing!

July 19: Spirit Day, Dress Like a Reptile Day!

Week 4: July 22 - 26

Theme: Zoo Week!

July 22: Big Cats!

July 23: Primate Pals

July 24: Water Play

July 25: Rainforest Adventure!

July 25: Sno Cone Day!

July 26: Elephant Stomp!

FAMILY AM SING 9am - 9:30am

Week 5: July 29 - August 2

Theme: MARVEL(ous) ME!

July 29: 'Spidey' Senses

July 30: 'Smashingly' Fun Adventure Day

July 31: "Wonder(ful)' Wednesday!

August 1: Water Play

August 2: Sno Cone Day ($2)

August 2: Spirit Day: Superhero Dress Up Day!

Thank you to Dr.Ann at Overjoyed Pediatric Dentistry for coming and teaching our Baby Dragons all about teeth and having a dance party with us to dance it out for 2 minutes (which is the amount needed to get a proper brush!) Their website is linked HERE if you're looking for any pediatric dentistry needs!

Join Heather at the meadow for a fun morning workout! Tuesdays & Thursdays!

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