February Braggin' Dragon

Celebrating Camelot's 16th Anniversary

Admin Highlight

of the Month:


Program Staff Coordinator/Little Knights

Here are a few fun facts about Ms.Jennifer!

Ms.Jennifer loves going to the movies, enjoys true crime and is a plant momma! She has two cats and two dogs and on the weekends she spends her time building Lego sets, doing complex coloring books (with as many neutral colors she can find) and being with family!

Favorite color: Neutrals!!

Favorite children's book::Luna Oscura" Heidi Moreno

Birthday: August 20

*reach out to admin for her full favorites list!

Word of the Month:


What it means:

Mellifluous is an adjective used in formal speech and writing to describe things with a smooth, flowing sound. It can also be used to mean “filled with something (such as honey) that sweetens,” as in “mellifluous confections.”

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Career of the Month


Artist of the Month

Bisa Butler

"Bisa Butler is an award winning African American textile artist. She is known for her vibrantly stunning larger than life sized quilted portraits that captivate viewers around the world."


Bisa Butler, The Equestrian, 2019. Cotton, wool and silk, quilted and appliquéd. 68 x 43 in. Courtesy of the Love, Luck & Faith Foundation

*image not owned by Camelot

Black is King, 2021

*image not owned by Camelot

February Dates to Remember

*Please always check the master calendar online and your weekly emails.

Celebrating Black History Month!

February 1 - Tuition Due

February 1 - Step 2 Applications DUE for Prospective Families

February 13 - Valentines Day Observed (T/TH, M-F Schedules)

February 14 - Valentines Day (MWF, M-F Schedules)

February 14 - Camelot's Birthday Anniversary - Sweet 16!

February 14 - Happy Birthday Ms.Betty, Green Dragons Co-Teacher

February 15 - 100 Days of School (T/TH, M-F Schedules)

February 16 - 100 Days of School (MWF Schedules)

February 19 - Camelot CLOSED - President's Day

February 24 - Happy Birthday Ms.Jahnia, Blue Dragons Co-Teacher

March Dates to Remember

*Please always check the master calendar online and your weekly emails.

*Celebrating Women's History Month

March 1 - Tuition Due

March 4 - Make-It-Plate Week! More information sent by email

March 7 - Happy Birthday Ms.Fatima, Purple Dragons Co-Teacher

March 9 - Happy Birthday Mr.Frank, Yellow Dragons Co-Teacher

March 9 - Happy Birthday, Mr.Livi!

March 13 - CHLA Blood Drive, 8:30am - 2:30pm

March 13 - Happy Birthday, Ms.Renae!

March 25 - March 29 - Camelot CLOSED - Spring Break

April 1 - Camelot CLOSED - Cesar Chavez Day

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