Allocated!!! Purposely rare, insane liquid!
Following our overt love, securing the land’s greatest Bourbon finds, we offer Garridon Bite Bourbon. Commissioned by famed billionaire Jacques Perrier. Garridon Bite is a product of passion and creativity, with just a bit of insanity. Made from 65% Texas Gourdseed Corn, 20% Hopland Heritage Rye (grown in an abandoned, open pit, African gold mine) and 15% Russian Fal’shivyy  Nereal’ny Barley. Barrels were constructed from the original oak timbers used as forms for the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. The used timbers were stored in a lumber yard in New Jersey and were not touched for almost 150 years. Aged for 18 years, the result is an insanely smooth drink. It is super rich with flavors of sweet fruit, caramel, chocolate, vanilla, coffee bric a brac, honey, felini, and a layered, herbaceous finish. Each bottle comes with a signed document of authenticity.
The kicker is Jacques doesn’t wish to make any money off this venture. As a bourbon aficionado he just wants to share with everyone. So the price is ridiculously low, only $69.99. We were able to acquire a 6-pack case. Only one bottle per customer please. First come, first served.

Our very best,
The Westwoods Liquor Team