Emotional Transformation
Upgrades Your Aquarian Emotions
Emotional Transformation and Spiritual Spring Cleaning

This month as a part of our "Living in Changing Times Gift Program" we are gifting a bottle of Emotional Transformation with every order.

It can be taken alone but cocktails gracefully with all of our other blends.
Now we are no longer climbing the rainbow bridge but accelerating down the other side, the challenge of understanding and adapting to change itself changes quantitatively and qualitatively.

Increasingly the moving energies we swim in mean that we inhabit a world where possibilities for shaping the future are more and more swiftly responsive to our thoughts and emotions.
Viewing and replacing unhelpful attitudes and emotions, and tuning our emotional alignment to happiness are especially helpful now in adapting, receiving and blossoming.
The Emotional Transformation blend is a very gentle and uplifting formula, upgrading your emotions without creating large internal storms or externally disruptive life events. More like enjoying a cup of tea with a good friend in a beautiful place.
Kind and caring, it shows old emotions the door and then the 'Fragrant Four Flower Bliss Package' of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, and 2 Lillys fills the created vaccum with joy, positivity, confidence and bliss.
It is the most gentle of our Catalytic Change blends and I love it.
We are surfing the cycles of opening, experiencing, processing, releasing, receiving, growing and blossoming. Emotional Transformation helps us with the middle and end stages of processing, releasing, receiving, growing and blossoming.

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Free Past Life and Flower Essence Consultations

This month we are also offering 1 free Past Life Session, and 1 free Flower Consultation each of the next 3 weeks.The Flower Essence Consultation is for guidance on which flowers to choose, how to combine them or take them to maximize their help.
These consultations are focused on your soul path and flower blend choices but may also include homeopathic suggestions or other tools.

If you would like to experience one of these, this send us an email indicating your interest, our email address is botanicalalchemy@botanicalalchemy.com

Include a contact number and times and days that work well for you. Adding your thoughts about your circumstances and the flower blends you are currently drawn to can increase the depth we can get to in the time we have. Allow 30 minutes for the flower consultations but some consultations go longer. For those who receive a Past Life Session, allow 90 minutes.

Be patient with yourself and others during this time, especially with us if it takes us a while to get back to you or schedule a session. We will be following our guidance if there is a large number of requests, and some people might have to wait longer than others.

Idealized past life for illustration
(your past life may vary :-)