Spring Update From Jarmak Corp
Reclaiming New England History In Melrose
Moulton's Curtain Factory, Formerly Friend's Bean Factory
Friend's Beans Heart Pine
Friend's Beans Heart Pine
This factory has seen many transformations in its life, first as the home of Friend's Beans, followed by Moulton's Curtain Factory, and according to the Moulton family, a top secret military production facility.

The Friend brothers began producing their Boston Baked Beans at this factory in the late 1890's. In 1930, after a tragic accident at the factory, Friend's Beans relocated to Malden, MA and The Moulton Curtain Factory moved in. The factory produced curtains throughout the 1930's, and during World War II, it is believed by many that the factory produced what is referred to as a "Ghost Army" - rubber decoys of tanks, jeeps and other military vehicles. The decoys were placed along the French border, giving the illusion of a large mass of troops. For more on this story, click here!

We are honored to rescue an important piece of not just New England history, but World history, by offering the beautiful heart pine beams that held up this incredible building.

Available in 6"x12, 4"x12, & 10"x10", various lengths.
We're happy to share some of our latest projects we've been involved in. We have supplied our reclaimed wood for several installations, both in commercial projects and residences.
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Recent Reclaimed Wholesale Inventory
We are always rescuing wood locally and nationally, so our inventory is constantly changing, but here are some of our latest additions!
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