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Latest Research: Reading to Children
Increases  Their Brainpower
This past summer, researchers at Cincinatti Children's Hospital Medical Center published in the journal Pediatrics what may be the first neurological evidence that reading to children increases brainpower! The New York Times quoted clinical research fellow Dr. John S. Hutton in August:

I think that we've learned that early reading is more than just a nice thing to do with kids. It really does have a very important role to play in building brain networks that will serve children long-term as they transition from verbal to reading.
BookTree is proud to work with families, schools, and other partners in support of this all-important and FUN activity!

                                         - Kathy Balch, BookTree Founder
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Books for Kindergarten and Elementary: Einstein & More !

The joy of picture books continues into kindergarten, lower elementary, and beyond, so don't miss out! This fabulous review by Maria Popova in Brainpickings covers 15 outstanding illustrated biographies, most of which are in BookTree's collection. Learn about artists, writers, and scientists such as Jane Goodall, Julia Child, Pablo Neruda, Marie Curie, e.e. cummings, Albert Einstein, Ella Fitzgerald, Frida Kahlo, and Henri Rousseau!
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