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Spring 2017
What Have We Been Up To?
I nterACT brings programs on Tolerance and Inclusiveness to Middle and High Schools in an attempt to combat the rise in hate incidents at our public and private schools.  
Thought-provoking vignettes brought the issues of tolerance, diversity and acceptance to over 800 high school students. Students were highly engaged and walked away with new insights about the importance of inclusiveness and the ways that they can make a difference within their school community.

During a March 2nd  program at Sacred Heart Academy , actors  Alicia B., Hannah S., Syndi B., and Hannah K.
(left to right) teach students about the importance of treating classmates with kindness and respect.

What People are Saying:
"The opportunity you provide for them to examine their deeply held beliefs, biases, and suppositions in a non-threatening and caring forum is essential I think in helping to combat the ills of racism and prejudice in our society."
               ~Joann Forker, EdD, Principal Sacred Heart Academy Hempstead
"...your performance and the entire assembly was truly amazing  and a great thing for some of the girls to see.  You're such an inspiration for me ..."
~Kristin G., Student at Sacred Heart Academy Hempstead

So How Does This Work?
*  School administrator contacts InterACT NY

*  Topics are chosen by school

*  Vignettes are chosen and/or created 

*  Vignettes are performed by trained actors. 
*  Following each vignette, interactive discussions are lead by a    mental health expert who coaches audience members to engage with actor as they remain in character.

Teens Thrive 
InterACT participates in an exciting series of programs addressing  issues related to teen identity.  
Actors Hannah S., Hannah K., and Andrew B. (left to right)  perform at Teens Thrive Symposium in Manhattan 
March 16, 2017

What People are Saying:
"I absolutely loved watching you and your actors in action-they were terrific! I can see how your programs create incredible opportunities for open and honest dialogue.
~ Pam Barkley, Teen Education Consultant, J.E.P.

What is InterACT New York?             
InterACT New York is a unique education and training program founded by Fran Mendelowitz, LCSW. It utilizes dramatic enactments to raise awareness about challenging issues facing teens, and adults...  
About The Founder...
With master's degrees from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, Fran Mendelowitz has been facilitating groups, conducting workshops and sharing parenting and psychotherapy expertise for over 30 years. She is well-known by close to 1000 audiences for her engaging style and intelligent insights.  

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