March 26, 2024


Tracey Garvis Graves

St. Martin's Press


Fiction / Romance

Hardcover, 304 pages

"Breathtaking and endlessly romantic. I love this book and know you'll love it too."

-Colleen Hoover 

"I cannot get enough of Tracey Garvis Graves. She just keeps getting better and better."

-Taylor Jenkins Reid

Thirty-four-year-old Wren Waters believes that if you pay attention, the universe will send you

exactly what you need. But her worldview shatters when the universe delivers two life-altering blows she didn’t see coming, and all she wants to do is put the whole heartbreaking mess behind her. No one is more surprised than Wren when she discovers that geocaching—the outdoor activity of using GPS to look for hidden objects—is the only thing getting her out of bed and out of her head. She decides that a weeklong solo quest geocaching in Oregon is what she needs to regain control of her life.

Enter Marshall Hendricks, a psychologist searching for distraction as he struggles with a life-altering blow of his own. Though Wren initially rebuffs Marshall’s attempt at hiker small talk, she’s beyond grateful when he rescues her from a horrifying encounter farther down the trail. In the interest of safety, Marshall suggests partnering up to look for additional caches. Wren’s no longer quite so trusting of the universe—or men in general—but her inner circle might argue that a smart, charismatic psychologist isn’t the worst thing the universe could place in her path.

What begins as a platonic road trip gradually blossoms into something deeper, and the more

Wren learns about Marshall, the more she wants to know. Now all she can do is hope that the universe gets it right this time.

Dear Reader,

The premise for The Trail of Lost Hearts originated from my desire to write a story in which the worldview of the main character is turned on its head, making her question everything—her intelligence, her life philosophy, and whether she’ll ever be able to open her heart and trust a man again. This is because Wren, our heroine, has always believed that if you pay attention, the universe will deliver exactly what you need. But her life is upended when the universe delivers two heartbreaking setbacks, leaving her scrambling to find her footing. 

Without the universe’s guidance, Wren searches for new methods of making sense of it all. She finds solace in the unlikeliest place when she discovers geocaching. In the book, Wren mentions that she had only a marginal understanding of geocaching and had never done it herself. Like Wren, I’d heard of geocaching and knew it entailed using GPS to search for hidden objects, but that’s where my knowledge ended. Throughout my research, I learned that geocaching is sometimes described as the feeling of purpose in the middle of nowhere. That’s when I knew I’d found the ideal framework for Wren to work through her heartbreak and move forward with her life. Watching her find her purpose was truly inspiring. 

My author tagline is "contemporary fiction with a happily ever after", which means my novels are a mashup of women’s fiction and romance. I love creating significant crises and obstacles for my heroines to meet head-on and overcome, but I’m equally invested in finding a partner for her—someone who is kind, caring, and worthy of her affection. The romance burns subtly and steadily in the background while the heroine pursues her goals, but the heroes of my stories are instrumental in providing the emotional support that becomes the foundation of their relationship. In The Trail of Lost Hearts, Wren and Marshall must navigate the delicate dance between desires and deal breakers; a fling versus a future. And both will have to work harder than they ever have if they hope to find happiness at the end of the trail.   



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The Trail of Lost Hearts takes place in Oregon, known for its many varieties of berries. The heroine, Wren, is thrilled to discover wild blackberries on the hiking trail which makes a menu pairing of Blackberry Cheesecake Bars and a Blackberry Paloma the perfect complement to the story.


-Tracey Garvis Graves


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