The Universal Color Wheel Works.

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Ah... the Universal Color Wheel! This BobBlast may serve as a gentle reminder for us painters who rely on our standard, universal color wheel - as well as those just starting to paint. 

There are TWELVE separate colors on the rotating color wheel. The artist determines the color combination before starting to paint. The color combination must stay in place throughout the painting. If the artist abandons the original color combination, (changes his mind, etc.) the painting begins to fall apart. Practice small warm up paintings of each color combination to familiarize yourself.

Selecting the color combination is very important - you can convey feelings, emotion and mood through the voice of color. Some examples are:

1. Stormy Night - Select dark blues and purples
2. Convey Excitement - Select reds and oranges
3. Serenity - Select pale pinks, light blues and greys

Simply said, the color wheel works well... if the artist uses the specific color combinations shown on the rotating wheel. There are MANY color combos you can work with from the universal color wheel and this BobBlast touches on only a few that I use. In the interest of uncomplicating your time in the studio - I demo and talk about the first four color combinations that we ought to know: Monochromatic, Analogous, Complementary and Triadic.

Monochromatic - Choose only one color PLUS black and white.

Analogous - Choose four colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as: Orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow and Yellow-Green. These colors all touch each other on the Color Wheel. Spin the wheel to see more!

Complementary - Choose two colors opposite one another, such as: Red and Green, Yellow and Violet, Blue and Orange.

Triadic - 3 Colors. Choose ONE color, then the other two colors are determined by counting to four around the wheel. Such as Red (count four) Blue (count four) Yellow. 

Practice and stick with these combinations until you feel comfortable moving on to the many more color harmonies and theories available out there!

If you like successful and heavenly pleasing works of art, stay with the color wheel... you devil you! 

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"The Universal Color Wheel Works"

Universal Color Wheel Works

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