Improvisational Painting - 4 Small Steps for Painting Big!

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Burridge? Watercolors? A Watercolor Juror? This week I am in San Pedro, juror and instructor for the National Watercolor Society. This BobBlast is all about my subject for Sunday's Demonstration - Improvisational Painting - 4 Small Steps for Painting Big! 

Read the text for my notes - because I am on the road, this week's video is from the archives (BobBlast #61), highlighting the subject matter I am teaching!

As you can guess, I'm not a traditional watercolorist! I don't "save the white" of the paper - I use white watercolor paint instead. And - I use black watercolor paint because... it's available.

No matter what I paint, I still approach all of my work with my 4 Cs. This works for me and are the 4 small steps I use for painting BIG.

First C - The CONCEPT of the work - the Big Idea. I title the painting first.

Second C - The COLOR COMBINATION. From my Goof-Proof Color Wheel, I choose the color theme. I only get out these colors and put them on my table.

Third C - The COMPOSITION. The Design and Graphic Structure. 

Fourth C - CONTINUE the series. Continue the same painting over and over. That way each painting does not become so precious. I practice doing the same painting over and over... and looser each time!

I tend to use paint as another colorful opportunity to express my latest point of view. I don't gingerly use my paints in a traditional manner, so no "rules" here. I paint with what I got!

Keep it wet!

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4 Steps to Painting Big

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