Acrylic Sprays & Fluids - New for Me!

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I was curious to see how these two different paints would react when used together. Montana's Gold Brand of Professional Spray Paint and Holbein's Acrylic Fluids.

The spray acrylics have brilliant colors as well as all the other popular, standard colors. I wondered about the compatibility of both a spray can acrylic as a background color, and then painting with Holbein Acrylic Fluids.

These new fluids are replacing their line of Aeroflash Liquid Acrylics. I appreciate the fact that the Acrylic Fluids are permanent and water resistant. I paint with them just like my acrylic paint - wet and loose!

The two different paints worked well together. The advantage for the spray - I could put color down in a wide swath using quick motion. And using different colors, I felt almost like a future "tagger." Great fun to try new stuff.

New techniques can get you motivated when you're in a rut doing the same thing... over and over. Spray cans and fluids together - who knew!

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"Acrylic Sprays & Fluids - New for Me!" 

Acrylic Sprays and Fluids

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