Dear Hawaii Republican:

For years, HIRA has dutifully warned Republicans that Hawaii Democrats have nothing to worry about because sympathetic liberals and closet Democrats are firmly in control of both our party organization and the "minority caucus" of those seven elected Republicans at the State House of Representatives.
As always, HIRA has fully documented those warnings with mountains of evidence.  But current events have now made the most compelling case that these liberals must be sent packing.
First, the recent harsh attacks on conservatives by party leaders such as Charles "Amnesty Now" Djou, Pat "Abortion Barbie" Saiki, and Beth "Big Government" Fukumoto have made it clear that conservatives are NOT welcome in the Hawaii GOP.
Second, Ewa Beach State Representative Bob McDermott has taken the drastic step of OFFICIALLY WARNING party leaders and the news media that HIRA has been correct all along about left-leaning Mililani State Representative Beth Fukumoto, leader of the minority party in the State House.
About what?   Well, Fukumoto stands ready to carry through on her threat to officially bolt to the Democrat Party . . . just like her mentor and predecessor Aaron "Ling" Johanson did a couple of years ago . . . and just like Gene Ward advised us how Fukumoto came close to also doing back when "Ling" jumped ship.
Several days ago, HIRA first received several copies of Bob McDermott's dire warning to party leaders.  Copies of his e-mail were shared with HIRA by sources at Hawaii GOP headquarters, Kahuku State Representative Nafetalai "Feki" Pouha's office, and elsewhere.

For your edification, HIRA provides you below with the complete text of Rep. McDermott's urgent e-mail to the Hawaii GOP leadership.

First, however, context is everything .  So it would be extremely helpful to know how Beth Fukumoto came to be a "Republican" in the first place.  Was she 'discovered' by party leaders while she was protesting tax increases or wasteful spending or some harmful Democrat policy down at the legislature or city hall?  Nope, never happened.

She simply applied for a behind-the-scenes job at the State Capitol and, without intending to do so , she found herself working at the House Minority Research Office.  Now, she could just as easily have been assigned a job working for the Majority Democrats in some office, then we never would have heard of her.  But Fukumoto saw , from this job in this office, how easy it was to become a big fish in the very small GOP pond .  And that's how she became a "Republican" in name only.

Like RINO's Pat Saiki, Barbara Marumoto and Kym Pine before her, Fukumoto mapped out a path for personal advancement while not doing anything remotely Republican.  And with Johanson self-relocated to the other side of the aisle, Fukumoto aligned herself with the three most liberal members of the Republican caucus ( Feki Pouha, Lauren Cheape, and Cynthia Thielen) to secure "Ling" Johanson's old position as Minority Leader.  This put Fukumoto in the powerful position of overseeing the GOP's official political and legislative agenda at both the State Capitol and through her seat on the Hawaii Republican Party's executive committee.

Card-carrying Republicans across the state who believe in taking the fight to Democrats ( and who wonder why we have NOT been trying to take the fight to Democrats) are at a crossroadsWhat is more important -- Beth Fukumoto's 'bipartisan' career path which gives her a stranglehold on the Republican agenda in Hawaii -OR- the policy aspirations of Republicans throughout Hawaii who have been sidelined by Fukumoto's real masters -- The Democrats -- for 60 years ???  Ponder this as you recall Fukumoto's votes in favor of higher taxes, bigger state government, driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and much more from the Democrat wish list.
Depending on your point of view, this decision for Republicans is made either more complicated or more simple with Fukumoto's position:  If she doesn't get to remain Republican Leader, she will bolt to the Democrat Party like Johanson before her . . . which brings us to McDermott's letter.

HIRA has got a lot more to tell you on this critical subject of leadership of Republicans at the State Capitol . . . a LOT more   But, for now, just take the time to read McDermott's message to party leaders so that you'll be ready for the even scarier details about Fukumoto's reign of liberalism that HIRA will be providing in the days ahead.
Also, ask yourself how the answer to the following question squares with your expectations of Hawaii's Republican PartyWhy is a liberal closet Democrat allowed to be the leader of Republicans in the State House??
Just remember that HIRA has consistently warned you for years that the self-absorbed ambitious closet Democrat named Beth Fukumoto is really Hawaii's Nancy Pelosi in disguise . . . and that she will continue to sabotage every aspect of the Republican agenda for as long as we allow elected Republicans at the State House to put Fukumoto in any leadership position.

Finally, s ince liberals only ever ask for money, don't expect party leaders at the Hawaii GOP to keep you in the loop about this or anything elseThe Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is the clear choice for conservatives and real Republicans in Hawaii, since conservatives are not welcome at the Hawaii GOP . . .  except as silent, powerless, co-opted donors and ticket buyers like perennial Fukumoto cheerleader Mary Smart .

For those of you who want to change Hawaii, please join HIRA today.



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