Next month we’ll be changing the flow of fare validation to speed up the disembarkation process at our ferry terminals.

Beginning August 10, passengers will be required to show proof of fare when boarding the ferry.

For Clipper users:

This doesn’t change anything. Passengers will continue to tag on when boarding the ferry and tag off when exiting.

For SF Bay Ferry app users:

Passengers with mobile tickets from the San Francisco Bay Ferry app will activate their tickets when queued up and show it to the deckhand at the gate.

For paper ticket holders:

If you have a paper ticket, hand it to the deckhand at the gate when boarding.

Passengers without tickets:

If you arrive at the terminal without a Clipper card or paper ticket and are unable to purchase a mobile ticket using the San Francisco Bay Ferry app, our deckhands will take your name and party size and hand you a ticket slip. After the ferry departs, you’ll visit the ticket counter on board to purchase your tickets.

Disembarkation for all passengers:

When the ferry arrives at its destination, passengers can disembark in an orderly fashion without any further ticket checks. Clipper users will still need to tag off to ensure they are charged the correct fare. (If you only tag on, Clipper assumes you’re riding our highest-fare route, which is currently Vallejo at $9.30.)

More information on these changes will be available in the coming days on our website. Staff will be on-site during the transition to help assist passengers with questions.


Join us in recognizing San Francisco Bay Ferry’s first annual Crew of the Year! This year, we asked both staff and our riders for nominations of crew members who exemplify top tier customer service, skills, and work ethic. Please help us congratulate this year’s Crew of the Year:

Alvin Haymon, Captain

Vere Valou, Engineer

NaArai Zaynah, Deckhand

Chris Harrison, Deckhand

Jimena Campos, Guest Assistance Representative

WETA, the agency that runs San Francisco Bay Ferry established the Crew of the Year program this year to recognize exemplary service to San Francisco Bay Ferry passengers by captains, deckhands, engineers, guest assistance representatives, and other staff. Look for nominations for the 2024 Crew of the Year in December.


The historic Ferry Building is turning 125 years old on Thursday, July 13, and San Francisco Bay Ferry is helping celebrate by offering free youth rides all day.

On July 13, “A Very Ferry Birthday Party” at the Ferry Building Marketplace will include special offers from shops and restaurants, item giveaways and kids’ activities. Humphry Slocombe will offer free ice cream sundaes while supplies last, and Fort Point Beer Company will have a special birthday happy hour.

The Ferry Building Marketplace is just steps away from WETA’s Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal, with daily service from Alameda, Oakland, Richmond and Vallejo.

Passengers age 17 or under will ride for free on Thursday, July 13 on all San Francisco Bay Ferry routes, all day. Adult passengers will be required to pay normal fares.


Welcome back to Dock-tionary, where we help ferry fans learn how to speak boat. This month, we’re uncovering the secret to our fleet’s need for speed and why our vessels are considered high speed ferries when compared to conventional ships.

Many of the vessels you might see on the Bay on any given day are called monohulls. These vessels have one main section that sits on the water, allowing the vessel to float. High-speed ferries are multihull vessels. Multihulls have two sections connected by a bridgedeck. The name for this type of vessel design is called a catamaran.

All San Francisco Bay Ferry vessels are catamarans. Since catamarans have twice the waterline and experience less friction than a monohull of equal length, they can travel at higher speeds with added stability. This is crucial for routes like the Vallejo Route, where speed is key to making the journey in 1 hour. 

The next time you are riding the ferry, see if you can spot other catamaran vessels zipping across the Bay!


Why is SF Bay Ferry the best way to cross the bay?

For us coming from Argentina, we love the ocean and protecting the environment by avoiding driving. We have had the best experiences, and love to go to SF from Marina Bay. Riding the ferry is the highlight of our vacation every time we visit our son.

What is your favorite ferry memory?

My first trip during the pandemic back in August 2021.

How would you describe the atmosphere on the ferry?

Friendly, relaxed, and inclusive.

What is your favorite ferry amenity?

The restrooms and outdoor space.

Describe San Francisco Bay Ferry in one word.


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