March 2022
Board Member Spotlight!

It was fun getting to know Board Member Jeff Barrus last month. So, I thought I would do it again. Here is a little Q&A with Board Member Hugh Wolf!

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself. You get a bit more space because you are new to the board.

A: My wife & I have two great kids - they grew up too fast! We enjoy the outdoors, especially on the water (mostly me), snow skiing (the adults)/ snowboarding (the kids), snorkeling while on vacations, golfing, and hiking. I grew up in the Detroit area, so we only had four months of boating each year, but my dad took us many times each season, and he was the most significant influence on me, loving the water and boating. He used our boat as a USCG Aux patrol boat for the Unlimited hydroplane races on the Detroit River, I was always too young to be on board, but he did get me into the pit area, which was awesome. Nothing like the sound of a Rolls Royce V-12! I started my career at AMC/Jeep as a chassis design engineer but have moved a few times since and now own my own printing business. My kids have recently convinced me that wakeboarding isn't so bad, but I prefer a slalom ski. I'm still playing hockey, although the young players on my team are making me look slow these days. Thanks, Ray, for being so generous when I cold-called you about driving one of the Kids Day tube boats a few years ago.

Q: When did you join the CSR Board?

A: January 2022

Q: Why did you join the CSR Board?

A: To contribute towards making Kids Day better every time and hope to assist one Day in helping other cities execute their own Kids Day.

Q: Share your favorite Kid's Day memory.

A: Best memories are of the kids who have to be convinced to get on the tube at first, but at the end of the ride, they immediately get back in line to go again - best Day of the year!

Q: What fun fact about yourself many people may not know about you.

A: Love cars too - mostly old cars, primarily late 60's big motor ones, but all types. Two of my clients are new electric car manufacturers, so that's fun to be in their development centers.

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