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Memorial Day weekend is upon us. And while the forecast might be glum, the general vibe about town is about as sunny as it can get. Around the bookstore, we're fully stocked with fantastic new releases and a bumper crop of fresh-in-paperback picks to fill any hours left open by rained-out barbecues or surprise sunshine-filled beach days.

As we look forward to June, a few events worth mentioning. First off, we are thrilled to be partnering with a fantastic group of independent bookstores to bring you an exclusive virtual book release party for In the Heights: Finding Home featuring

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Friday Five
Every year, for a handful of summers now, Memorial Day weekend signals the arrival of our "blue" table. Read on for a virtual tour and swing by this weekend to see it in all it's glory!

The Other Black Girl promises to be *the* book of Summer 2021. Due out on Tuesday, I read an advance copy when the weather was still a mixture of dreadful sleet/rain/snow, COVID vaccines remained out of reach, and we'd been stuck in our homes for close to a year. I needed an engaging, fast-paced read. I also wanted something that didn't breeze in and out of my brain without leaving some sort of an impression. Not only did The Other Black Girl not disappoint, it surprised, it thrilled, and kept me up well into the night. This is a must-read book.

I could have sworn that I'd already written about our next pick The Cactus League in this space but according to my trusty log (which I keep to account for my not-so-trusty brain) it has thus far escaped a Friday Five mention. Not a bad thing because it's the perfect book to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. The author is former Paris Review Editor Emily Nemens and the story follows baseball spring training in the Arizona desert. Protagonist Jason Goodyear is a star outfielder who, despite proudly wearing the outward appearance of having it all, is imploding at an alarming pace. This character-driven novel offers a gritty look at the underbelly of America's favorite pastime.

Taylor Jenkins Reid of Daisy Jones and the Six fame is back, this time with a book made for summer escape. Malibu Rising is a page-turner, revealing secrets about a revered Malibu family during an annual end-of-summer bash. This book has all the ingredients for a perfect summer read: beach + bad behavior + long simmering secrets + decadent summer party scenes. Reserve your copy now because this book will fly.

In search of a mystery to take along on your late Spring/early Summer adventures? Who Is Vera Kelly? is a new kind of spy novel whose protagonist is a still-in-the-closet lesbian working at a radio station in 1962 Greenwich Village. A recruiter from the CIA takes note of her quick thinking and valuable technical skills and soon Vera finds herself in Argentina, launched on an adventure she never considered in her wildest dreams. The good news if you like this book? There's a equally compelling sequel, arguably even better than the first.

Finally, while the weather forecast may put a slight damper on an inaugural swim this weekend, perhaps picking up a copy of journalist Bonnie Tsui's Why We Swim will help assuage any frustration with the forecast. Tsui's parents met at a swimming pool in Hong Kong and encouraged their daughter in a decade-long competitive swimming career. The book explores our deep love for the water and moving one's body through it. Tsui dives in deep to the pleasurable aspects of our love affair with water, peppering the exploration with compelling profiles while trotting around the globe.
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Guest Spotlight: Ruthie Miller
Book Recommendations
We are *thrilled* to welcome Ruthie Miller, a sophomore at Darien High School and passionate reader who kindly agreed to share some thoughts about what she's currently reading and loving. Like her picks? Let us know!
Six of Crows,
Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows is the striking tale of six outcasts sent on a dangerous heist for an immeasurable fortune. The duology takes place in Bardugo's Grisha universe, and follows Kaz Brekker, the infamous 17-year-old criminal, second in command of a range called the Dregs. Kaz's elaborate schemes rival those of Danny Ocean in Ocean's 11, only with the addition of magic. Bardugo's impeccable plot and writing style has readers on the edge of their seats, constantly wondering "how'd he do that?" in this addicting spin-off series.
Heartless, Marissa Meyer
Have you ever wondered what happened to the Queen of Hearts to make her so very...well, Heartless? In Marissa Meyer's newest fantasy book readers learn of Catherine Pinkerton, a girl whose dreams of being a baker are made impossible by her title and impending relationship with the King of Hearts. Meyer's spell casting stand alone is utterly enchanting, drawing in readers with a handsome love interest, and delicious treats. Though don't be fooled by the seemingly sweet story; with added plot twists and a heartbreaking ending Heartless is not for the faint of heart.
Circe, Madeline Miller
Rick Rordian fans of the Percy Jackson series will rejoice in this fantastical rewrite of greek mythology. Madeline Miller stuns with her take on Circe, a female witch who had been damned to spend eternity on an island in the middle of the sea. Very little is known about Circe, her only mention being in The Odyssey when she crosses paths with Odysseus on his voyage. Miller creatively compiles the immortal goddess' story, and produces an enticing tale in which Circe is the main character. Miller's feminist novel explores women in greek mythology, and their often overlooked stories in this enchanting piece.