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Russia invades Ukraine – 5 essential reads from experts

via OTH (originally published by The Conversation)

Read selections from scholars and experts compiled by The Conversation on the Russia - Ukraine crisis currently unfolding.
4th Annual National Joint Conference of Librarians of Color  

via JCLC

"JCLC brings together a diverse group of librarians, library staff, library supporters, and community participants to explore issues of diversity in libraries and how they affect the ethnic communities who use our services. JCLC is a unique and unparalleled opportunity for participants to share successes, opportunities, and challenges while networking and attending cutting-edge programs on pressing issues affecting both librarians and communities of color."
Recommended Reading
Health Affairs - Vol. 41, No. 2 - February 2022 - Racism & Health

Via Health Affairs

The current issue of Health Affairs provides readers with historical context for racism in US healthcare policy and procedure, connects socio-economic and spatial relationships to larger issues of health, and offers forward thinking solutions for consideration.
Notes on New Books

by OTH Staff

See selected new and recent titles related to the Black History and African American Studies.

Cover artwork via the University of California Press.
East and West: Othering Ourselves

by David D. Esselstrom

"There are two ways of looking at “the other.” Sam Keen has noted that throughout history we have often demonized the other, seeing what is different as something that is frightening and therefore must be strictly controlled or ruthlessly abolished. In wartime, the enemy is conceived of as evil, his motives base, his actions reprehensible. Our actions, on the other hand, are seen as necessary, as lesser evils needed to prevent greater ones. There is always a qualitative difference between us and them. When “the other” is closer to us we deal with it in a less brutal, but still brutalizing, fashion. If we dismiss it—usually out of fear or ignorance or arrogance, although the three are often the same—we then ghettoize the other, marginalizing a people, taking away the voice of a culture by ignoring it. If we do not fear it, we pretend to embrace it, or rather absorb the other, using it, making differences commodities that can be worn or heard or watched or, in some other way, consumed."
This interdisciplinary conference seeks to consider the ways that knowledge drawn from humanities disciplines and methodologies can inform and help address the ongoing crisis in healthcare.
Redesigning Deathcare invites contributions from diverse backgrounds to collectively imagine and build a holistic system of deathcare. Disciplines include (but are not limited to) anthropology, death studies, palliative medicine, public health, taphonomy & forensic sciences, and philosophy. Formats include presentations, roundtables, posters, and artistic/non-traditional outputs.

Format: online and in-person, The University of Melbourne (Australia), October 27-29, 2022.
Deadline: Expressions of Interest (a call for panels and roundtables) close 28th February 2022. Organizers will curate the program on the basis of EOIs and call for individual submissions within each session. Full submissions close 31st May 2022.
How Humanities and Social Science Scholars Work

via De Gruyter

Studies of academic workflows and methods have tended to focus on STEM fields. But an important new study by scholarly publishing house De Gruyter has found evidence for a Humanities and Social Science research community which uses tried and tested project management and writing tools and prefers traditional channels of communication, promotion and search.” The study was based on a survey of 641 HSS scholars, and the full report can be found by clicking below.

via Yale University / Beinecke Library

A stunning resource goes online: Yale University’s Beinecke Library has announced that, as of February 2021, the Walter O. Evans Collection of Frederick Douglass and Douglass Family Papers has been processed and digitized and is now accessible online to scholars, students, and the public.

via NYU Africa House

Applications are now open for 2022-2023 Africa House Student Fellowships. NYU Africa House is offering research grants for current NYU undergraduate and graduate students seeking funding support for short-term research opportunities.

via InfoDocket

The American Library Association (ALA) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of ALA, have issued a joint statement of support in response to incidents of bomb threats against Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

via Spectrum 1 News

Wake Forest University in North Carolina recently launched its first African American studies program. “It is a dynamic and growing field, it is an innovative field, and most importantly, it really animates how we can transform the world to be a much more humane place,” program director Professor Corey Walker said.
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Third Chapter February 2022 Update

The Third Chapter team had a call recently with our partner Knowledge Unlatched during which we were discussing the work of the Open Research Library (ORL), which is planned to include all Open Access book content worldwide on one platform for user-friendly discovery, offering a seamless experience navigating more than 20,000 Open Access books.
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