Joy Zhan
Program Coordinator
Senior Division
Community organizing comes naturally to Joy Zhan, the newest program coordinator of Tech Squad, a part of Felton's Senior Division. Those organizing roots go back as early as high school when in the 11th Grade, she founded the Chinese Progressive Association, advocating for change. For Joy, the first step in building community is to bridge communication gaps.

“As the oldest child of an immigrant family, I'm the one my parents went to for help because I can speak English. I was always drawn to social engagement and civic duties. I wanted to make sure other immigrant families weren't confused as they navigated this new world. I wanted to be that bridge between city resources and city systems for monolingual immigrant families.”
Featured Article
Navigating a World Beyond Incarceration
There are an estimated five million formerly incarcerated individuals in the United States. And every year, tens of thousands of previously incarcerated individuals are released into society. A large percentage of Alameda County's underserved demographic of men and women undergoing reentry comprise a segment of that population proudly served by Felton's Social Justice Division.
Breaking Mental Health Barriers
It is time to think critically about the socio-historical context of what it means to be a Black American struggling with mental health. Trauma and violence towards black populations impact the emotional and mental health of youth and adults. And treatment disparity is real. Only 1 of 3 black adults who need mental health care, receive it.

In 2020, these Justice Division programs grew by 50% due to the urgency to support the early release of individuals leaving incarceration as a way to reduce COVID19 transmission in crowded prisons.
Empower Seniors
Be a Tech Squad Volunteer

We are inviting teenagers, young adults and individuals of any age who are tech-savvy to volunteer and deliver tech training and one-on-one support services to seniors. We hope to open up a world of communication, news and information and photo sharing to the growing segment of older adults who want to improve their skills with new technology.

Let’s help Seniors connect through tech!

Do you…

  • Enjoy working with older adults.
  • Have the ability to communicate with patience and understanding
  • Have the technical and problem-solving skills to work with smartphones, tablets/iPads and laptops
  • Are proficient in downloading and setting up applications, especially videoconferencing tools and platforms
  • Can commit to 3-5 hours on weekdays, from 9 AM to 5 PM

Volunteering to teach older adults about computers and the Internet is an excellent opportunity for community service programs in colleges, high schools, religious institutions and the like!
Join Tech Squad Today!
For more information, contact Joy Zhan, Program Coordinator 
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