~ August 2020 ~
President's Message

OK, members, we are still here. Not too much action, but we have been working on some admin items. Hope you will check out the newly online hiking guide “Take a Hike” on our website, thanks to Sue Strommer and her committee. They hope to have updated and additional hikes submitted by members like you to contribute to a revised version. 
Enjoy the outdoors, and whatever you do, do it safely.

~ Mark Curtis
Your membership is valid through Dec. 31, 2020.
Calendar of Events

Summer? Fall?
- Think about Show 'n Go events you might be able to host when we comfortable getting together outdoors.

January 23 - 30
- Big Sky, Montana
February 6 - 13
- Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado
February 20 - 27
- Snowbird/Alta, Utah - CANCELLED
Something to Do
DownEast Magazine's Great Maine Scavenger Hunt for 2020
2021 Ski Trips
For information, brochures and forms for our ski trips, go to our home page at cvoutdoors.com. Or click the trip logo below.

Mike Parker reports that 22 people have signed up for the Big Sky trip, including: Bob and Linda Allen, Scott Crockett and Lynne Walsh, Claudia Diller and Tom Hildreth, Ann and Kelly Dooling, Lee and Jon Goss, Paul and Susan O’Brien, Jeff and Deb Sanford and family: Bob Forman, Tim Forman, Darcy Gatto, Jason Hymes, Ashley and Bob Molinaro. There is still room for more; you can call Mike at 207-348-3077.
Lee and Jon Goss have a solid contingent of 23 going with them to Snowmass/Aspen , including: Fred Brennan, Meredith Burgess, Jack Caunter, Rick Chenard, Jan Doherty, Sandi and Tom Dunham, Donn and Linda Gifford, Jayne and Mike Giles, Bee Harvery, Joe Loughran, John McCatherin, Maggie and Neil Newton, Peter Plumb, Dario Puerto, Doug Stewart, Peter and Judy Weston. There is still room for more; you can reach Lee at 207-370-5572.

It is with regret that we have cancelled the Alta/Snowbird trip for 2021 . The interest fell far short of our minimum number required. Thank you, Bonnie Farrar, for the time and effort you put into arranging and managing the trip. 
Range News
Hello All,

July has been a busy month at the Range. Our weekly 5 Stand and Trap Shoots have been well attended, and the Pistol and Rifle Ranges are getting a workout. Both from Range members and folks just visiting the area. 

We held our first Introduction to Trap for Women on Friday, July 24th. It was a beautiful day and everyone was shooting well by our last round. I’ve already heard that a new gun may be in one shooter’s future! 

Given the clinic’s success, we’ve decided to offer a second Introduction to Trap, for interested members. That includes men, women, and children 15 or older who are big enough to handle a shotgun. 

The class is designed for folks who have never shot Trap, or are new to the sport and need some extra instruction. You will learn basic safe gun handling, proper gun mounting and targeting, and the rules and techniques of the game of Trap. If you do not have your own shotgun, we will be able to loan you one for the course. The class will be held on Friday, August 28th, from 10am to 1pm. The cost is $25, and is open to the first 5 registrants.  Contact Diane Stone - dpstone32@gmail.com

If you are not able to attend Introduction to Trap, you are still invited to come to our weekly shoots. Members are always happy to give you basic instruction and tips to get you started, and a Range Safety Officer will stay with you throughout the round to answer questions. 

Our new 50 yard range is progressing. If you are at the Range, feel free to take a gander at the work done so far. Also, the Archery Range is still not up. We will be getting the backstop net up shortly. Our apologies for the delay!

We hope to see you at the Range!

Diane Stone
Range Secretary
Candy Fontaine was one of the lucky five to attend the Introduction to Trap for Women event. She writes:

I felt anticipation and excitement to attend the all-woman Trap shoot class given at the CVOA range. Our instructors Diane and Ray Stone were friendly, knowledgeable and concise. With safety instruction and guidance we each had 50 rounds of shells to fire at the clays. My first successful hit was exhilarating; from there on I hoped to hit them all. Well, needless to say, I did not hit them all – but there is always next time and I look forward to enjoying more time at the range. 
Shoots and Operating Hours

   Five Stand Shoots – Saturdays – 9am until noon, rain or shine
   Trap Shoots – Sundays – 9am to noon, weather permitting
   Trap Shoots – Wednesdays – 10am to noon, weather permitting
   Rifle Range – Every day – Dawn to Dusk
   Pistol Range – Every day – Dawn to Dusk
   Archery Range – Opening Soon

Trap and Five Stand costs $5/round or you may purchase 10 rounds for $40, which will save you $10 and make it easier for us to manage the sign up for the Shoots. Your 10-round punch card can be used for both the Five Stand and Trap Shoots, and can be used for multiple shooters, with no expiration. Such a deal!
"Take A Hike" is now in digital format!
Thanks to Sue Strommer, who moved this project forward, the CVOA hiking guide "Take A Hike" is now available in digital form as a pdf.
First published in 2012, "Take A Hike" was pulled together by Nancy Perry, with input from quite a few members at the time. Over the years we have sold 900 copies - not a bad count. In 2017, the last remaining copies were sold at area businesses, and the subject of reordering was addressed at the June 11, 2017, board meeting. The minutes read:  The hiking guide is becoming outdated, and it might be time to do a revision. CVOA makes some money from sales of the guide, but not a great amount for the work involved. However, the guide is a nice contribution to the outdoors community, and offers publicity for CVOA. A motion was made, seconded and passed to discontinue ordering the current hiking guide and form a committee to work on a revised version.
At our last board meeting, Sue Strommer took charge of our hiking guide project, and was able to obtain a text document of the early guide. After a few updates by Sue and reformatting by Cindy, the digital version is now available to those who are not fortunate enough to own their own copy.
CLICK HERE to Download and View "Take a Hike" . At 58 pages, you might not want to print it, but feel free to save it to your computer or device.
The next phase is to update and expand the contents . Sue would like to hear from any members who can update the current hikes or add hikes to the guide. Whether or not we reprint the book remains to be seen - if we have enough changes and interest, it will be seriously considered. At the very least, we will update the online version.
So,  if you can HELP Sue with this project , please reply to this email, or email cvoa.secretary@gmail.com, or reply to this email, and your message will be forwarded to Sue.
By the way, "Take a Hike" is also available via a button on the home page of our website, or at  cvoutdoors.com/take-a-hike  .
FB group Maine Hiking:

CVOA member Stephen Craig, after checking with our officers, posted a nice report about CVOA and our hiking guide on the Facebook group "Maine Hiking".

You can check out his post HERE.

"Maine Hiking" is a great resource for our hiking members.
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