As a follow-up regarding your Medical Insurance Enrollment:

Management has had people in the facility to discuss and sign-up JNESO members for the new health benefits package. You may have not seen them or they may have not been able to answer your questions or concerns.

JNESO has also filed an Unfair Labor Practice against the employer,in addition to the grievances, but this will take time for decisions to be made or settlements to be achieved.

We understand that many are concerned about the enrollment and may not have signed up. If you are in need of medical benefits and do not have another opportunity for coverage, you need to sign up. A phone number to reach out for insurance enrollment was given today. When you receive the information to sign up:  


"I am providing this under protest and will make my selection, without any loss of coverage, when and if the Union and the Employer have reached an agreement relating to Article 24."

You should also request all insurance enrollment information in writing to confirm it is correct.

Keep any and all information received regarding your medical benefits in a safe place and that it is easily accessible.

For questions or concerns, please contact your

Labor Rep. Ellena Osborne:

(732) 745-2776 x116 |

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