Birthing A New Age!
July, 2018


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Tuning In!

I've been spending time tuning in and asking for clarity on what to share with you this month and the clear message was to talk about........
  • Birthing a New Age
  • Self-Mastery
  • This Month's Special Offer

Birthing a New Age!

Right now we're in a transition period between ages.

It's the most important time in our evolution, well, since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria that is.

We've had the 'Industrial Age', The 'Technological Age', now we're moving into what some call The Golden Age, others call it the Age of Light or the Age of Intuition.

We're moving into the time prophesied by the Ancients, Mystics, Seers, Healers and Psychics, where we get to experience 'Heaven on Earth'.

As we transform and expand beyond the limitations of our human experience, that has held us (humanity) captive for eons, we now have the ability, and choice, to live from our original Divine consciousness, that is waiting to birth itself through us, from deep within our heart and Soul.

So, for me this time is all about really grounding our spirituality, our Divinity and Soul, into our human experience.  Of marrying our Soul-self with our Personality-self, so that we can express our true gifts and live the highest expression of ourselves.

After all that's why we came here now, right?

It's time for us to embrace our self-mastery so that we can allow, and follow, our Soul's guidance rather than our personality's or our ego's.

So, What is Self-Mastery?

Self-Mastery is to be the Master of our own self and to fully understand who we really are.

Yes, and that includes the parts of us we may not like or want to acknowledge or even remember are there deep within us - parts that are often referred to as 'our shadow' side.  
While we disown them, or banish them to the wilderness of our darkest recesses, we will not be able to shine our true and fullest light.  We will not be our real selves and, without exception, life will bring us opportunities to meet those parts!
So it really is time for us to embrace them.  To embrace the whole of who we are, warts 'n' all!

Self-Mastery is also where we take full responsibility for ourself, our life, our actions, and our reactions.   
It's where we understand that life mirrors our inner world and where we've  left behind the old concept of believing our challenges are due to what others' have done, or not done, 'to us'.

It's where we've become the compassionate observer of our own thoughts, actions and reactions and own and express our feelings.

It's where we have come to fully embrace that we are not our body, or our thoughts, or our emotions.  And that we are:

A Soul having a human experience

Self-Mastery requires:
  • Patience - patience to accept what is and to know when to allow things to unfold in their own time. It's Thy Will not My Will (I still find this one hard sometimes, do you? Lol!)
  • Truthfulness - to be true not only in your words and actions but to be honest with your self too.
  • Impeccability  - pure in your lifestyle through a healthy diet, regular exercise and meditation, and good sleep. To be the best you can in all you do, with humility and respect.       
  • Faith - to have faith in the path you have chosen, faith in all of life's teachers and faith in your ability to be masterful.

Of course the key to the mastery of anything is practice: the more you practice, the more proficient you become. Without practice and dedication, there can be NO mastery.

5 Pillars Underpinning Self-Mastery

I believe there are 5 Pillars that underpin self-mastery. Well, actually there is the Foundation stone - Awareness, and 4 Pillars, which I've illustrated in this diagram:

To navigate these transitional times and prepare our selves for the Age of Intutition,  we need to be ready to live in a way that includes:
  • Being fully in our Body
  • Have mastered our Mind and Ego
  • Have an open Heart and allow ourselves to feel all our Emotions
  • Have self Awareness
  • Be led by our Soul

For me the 'new age' is about really grounding our spirituality, our Divinity and our Soul into our human experience.

It' s a time when we have the potential to merge our Soul-self with our Personality-self.  Where our Soul leads us and where the personality is our tool, and the body our Earthly vehicle.
Want to Know More About Self-Mastery?

Each month I'm going to be writing about each of these Pillars and the Foundation Stone in more depth and detailing my monthly offer.
Next month I'll be highlighting some of the key components of 'The Body' Pillar, which will include information and tips on:
  • Being in Your Body! (And the affects of not!!!)
  • Grounding - Why it's so important and how you can know if you are / aren't grounded, and ways to ground yourself. The deeper rooted we are the higher (spiritually) we can go.
  • Earthing - What it is and how it can help.

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This Month's Special Offer

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Finally .....

What an amazing summer we are having, I hope you are keeping cool and enjoying it.
Until next time when I'll be sharing with you hints and tips on looking after your body.....

Much love and blessings,

Maia Ana

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