Classroom Library Birthday Book Donation
We are excited to introduce a new traditon to celebrate your students birthday by donating a "birthday book" to their classroom in honor of their special day! Please note this is voluntary.

GHNO is starting "birthday books" as a way to recognize a student’s birthday in the classroom through the donation of a “Birthday Book.” In lieu, or in addition to, birthday snacks brought in on the scholar’s birthday, parents may purchase a book to donate to the classroom library in honor of their scholar’s birthday.

The scholar is welcome to bring in the book to the classroom on their birthday, if they want to share why they selected it, i.e. favorite fairy tale, they can briefly share it with the class. For younger scholars with shorter books, the teacher could even read it aloud, if time allows.

We will have a special bookplate to be completed by the teacher – scholar’s name, birth month, and birthday – and adhered to the front cover of the book. When that book is checked out, it will be known it was a special donation. We would also like to showcase the books during their birth month, having them on display for all to see. Obviously, that will have more impact in future years but hope the scholars will stop by and remember when a book was donated on their behalf.

This is not limited to a one-time donation, if parents choose to buy a book every year for their child’s birthday, what a wonderful impact that child leaves at the school!

We will include a summary each month with donated Birthday Books in a Headmaster letter.

Below you will find appropriate book lists through

Please contact an assistant headmaster with any questions.

Marcy Mitchel Assistant Headmaster K-2nd grade
Anne-Kathleen Buroshko Headmaster 3rd-6th grade
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