How is a Bio-ark like a Personal
Temple of Wisdom? 

There it was in front of him, the Ferryman's humble hut at the edge of this world and the next. It had to be the place, for it fit the description perfectly. From the outside it looked like a small wooden house on the shore of a river emptying into the ocean. Jules could not believe that he had finally reached the home of the Wise One of the North. He had so many questions that he wanted answered and he longed to meet this mystery man that his father had told him so much about.  The first question would be, "How and why does the Ferryman live here in this tiny hut in the cold and desolate northland?" 
Jules knocked on the door but there was no answer. The cold bitter wind was blasting his face so he decided to try the door. It was open, so he stepped through the doorway and the hut disappeared completely as he found himself standing in what appeared to be something like a round, translucent jelly-fish that floated on the surface of the ocean growing multi-colored algae in veins throughout its body. The walls appeared crystal-clear and rounded on every corner with layers insulating the circulating colored fluids that glowed and lit up this living bio-sphere. 
Upon closer examination, he saw six chambers surrounding a central chamber where all the flowing liquids and colors interpenetrated each other and combined to make a glowing rose-colored atmosphere. The outer chambers were the source of each individual color and sound. Each of the onion-like layers wound their way through complicated veins circulating throughout the entire sphere. An unearthly sound was coming from the central chamber that seemed to make the entire bio-sphere hum and vibrate. The music was created by the combined sounds of the individual chambers joining together to make a chorus of harmonics that made Julian wobble a bit until he found his center again. The bio-sphere seemed stationary but he could see the ocean and river below the transparent floor of the sphere.  (continued....)

Attain Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition by Discovering Your Three Egos

The question of the source and nature of the human ego(s)is one that plagued Douglas' years as a Waldorf teacher trainer. Explaining where the ego arises and how it develops requires a cosmology to ground the seemingly timeless and divine nature of the human ego and its future.  After teaching Theosophy to first and second year Waldorf teacher-students for years, he explained the cosmic question of "What are the three egos?' in the summary that follows. We hope that it will guide you in understanding the nature of the egos .   

Silver Water Can Protect You and Your Family
f rom Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs 

Have you been reading about suberbugs 
resistant to every known antibiotic available?

Click here for a recent story or do your own internet search. 

This is why the Gabriel family always has plenty of silver water on hand to use and share with others. If you are new to our magazine, then please see the links below to learn how you can make a product in your home that kills thousands of known viruses and bacteria. 

Start by reading this ASCEND lesson that reviews the essentials.  Learn how silver water is a natural antibiotic that has been used for centuries to combat bacteria and infectious diseases; learn how to make your own silver water; discover the hundreds of uses for your family's health. 

You can purchase colloidal silver water at a health food store or on-line. But if you use it as generously as we do, you may want to consider making your own home brew. Click here for the recipe.  Now is a great time to stock up on silver rods while the price of silver is so low. (Might not be this way for long!) 

Full Disclosure 
Exposing little green men, Nibiru, and swamp monsters is a full time job for the Anonymous Patriots. 

Now you can read  Full Disclosure on our dedicated webpage. Our last few posts have had tens of thousands of hits, plus "remakes" from others with their own videos and articles using this important original research. 

Spiritual warriors are committed to confronting and defeating Ahriman, but first you need to know how Ahriman manifests in our world. 


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