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Monday, June 3, 2024  

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It didn't take long for the 80 volunteers to get the Civic Center Park ready Saturday morning for the nearly 450 runners to enjoy the annual Run to Save Our Youth 5K Run/Walk. As the runners and walkers lined up for the start Wayne Kinney was sharing the introductions, including the Franklin High School Pom team, Cheerleading squad, and Livonia's Cardio Drum Line.

Just before the start Jane Muszynski, Spitfire Training, led the runners/walkers in stretching exercises.

Council folks Carrie Budzinski, Brandon McCullough, and Jim Jolly were on hand and lined up to support Livonia's Save Our Youth by running the 5K.

McCullough running with Kelli Childers, brother Ryan's girlfriend, commented that he was happy to support Livonia Save Our Youth Coalition. "We are so fortunate to have Karen Vega Bonanno in our community, you are a rockstar!

"I grabbed my short shorts and my vintage Wilson Barn shirt and tried my best! These baby ankles have seen better days! Kelli Childers dominated and finished with a final time of 27:03!"

Deb Bonde as she shared time with Carrie Budzinski assured both of us that she was walking and not running the 5K. Carrie took the opposite approach telling this observer that she and her son were running.

Karen Bonanno, the head of SOY, was radiant with joy, not just because of the morning's overwhelming success, with the bright sun, volunteers ready, and runners eager to show their support, but also as she shared the story of her son's upcoming wedding next weekend, which will host a reception for 200 guests in her backyard. She seemed to handle the pressure effortlessly.

Circuit Court candidate John Larkin attended with his family, District Court candidate Robin Persiconi brought a group of runners to participate in the run/walk with her, and the Jolly Family was present for their traditional annual 5K run/walk.

The visit to the canopy housing various non-profit organizations in Livonia, all of which contribute to a coalition supporting young people in crisis, was uplifting.

Jim Baringhaus, as expected, highlighted the significance of environmental concerns in community discussions.

On hand for the morning were Fire Chief Robert Johnson, Police Chief Thomas Goralski, Director of Governmental Affairs Robb Drzewicki, and Mayor's Chief of Staff Dave Varga, a group always steadfast in their support for Livonia and the endeavors that enhance our hometown quality of life.

Additionally, our fabulous cardio drummers, a wonderful hidden gem in Livonia, were on hand to create energy and cheer on the runners as they embarked on their journey. Sharon Hess describes the drummers as "often performing at various functions around town, including schools and assisted living homes." She noted, "I saw you enjoying our music, and we love to make people smile at a wonderful event!"

Indeed, I was smiling at the cardio drummers, all the runners/walkers, the CERT team, the volunteers, and appreciate the effort to make this a success by Karen Bonanno and Theresa Vick.

Shakespeare in the Park Year Three is preparing for a great show

the last two weekends in July. Mark those calendars now.

Shakespeare in the Park is off and running!

A very successful table read/designers' presentation was held last week.

You won't want to miss 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' the last two weekends in July.

Clarenceville Marching Band Guitar Raffle Is Huge Success

The guitar that keeps on giving.

Last year Gary Selesko purchased a raffle ticket supporting the Livonia Symphony Orchestra. He won and immediately turned around and donated his winning guitar to the Clarenceville Marching Band to be raffled off to raise funds for their new uniforms.

This year, John Bowman purchased the winning ticket and took the guitar home with a daughter who loves playing the guitar.

Final result? The Marching Band raised over $17,000 to be used to order the new band uniforms with the hope that they will be here for the start of the new season this Fall.

The City is ready for homeowner lawn

and garden maintenance


Branches or brush four feet or less in length should be disposed of as yard waste on your regular trash collection day to be picked up by GFL. The material should be tied into bundles of fifty pounds or less and up to five bundles per week may be placed out for disposal. Branches or brush may also be cut up and disposed of in paper compost bags or trash cans marked with a yard waste sticker.

Yard waste in bundles, bags, or cans is collected the last week of March through the 2nd week of Dec.


This service runs the first week of April through the first week of October. Branches and limbs longer than four feet in length, up to four inches in diameter should be stacked with all of the cut ends in one direction, facing the street. Stumps, logs, vines, or roots cannot be placed out for disposal.

April through Memorial Weekend

From April through Memorial Weekend, crews automatically circulate through each residential neighborhood approximately every fifteen working days.

Memorial Weekend Through the Beginning of October

On the Tuesday following Memorial Day and through the first Friday of October, service is on a request-only basis. Click here to request or call (734) 466-2655.

After four years of welcoming families and students for farm visits, Blue Line Farm received a violation notice from the Livonia City Ordinance office, leading the owners

 to halt all activities.

Blue Line Farm regrets to announce that, after four years, all farm visits and yoga sessions are canceled until further notice. They have released a statement detailing the circumstances that have led to this decision. After the statement was posted on Facebook the community reacted immediately, wondering how and why is the city reacting now after the Farm over the years has received extensive coverage including on the pages of Musings and the once hometown printed newspaper, the Observer.

Councilwoman Carrie Budzinski posted in response that she doesn't "like to speak without all the facts but my initial reaction is extreme frustration that this is where city resources are being used when we know resources are limited. Blue Line Farm has been operating publicly and to the benefit of the community; therefore, for this to have not been a personal conversation as a starting point is an added disappointment. I will look into it."

Councilman Brandon McCullough responded as well saying that he was "on it" and would be looking into what happened and why it was handled this way.

FridayMusings has in the past had corn husks from the Corn Roast delivered to Blue Line as feed for their animals.

Blue Line Farm posted that they have "been doing farm activities for 4 years. It was something needed during Covid with all the craziness in the world, small outside gatherings. From there it exploded into monthly farm visits, goat yoga, preschool/daycare field trips, local high school field trips, Girl Scout visits, and so many smiles, laughter, and joy in the community. People loved coming to the farm and getting up close with the animals.

"It seriously brought so much joy to so many, adults and kids.

"After 4 years a code enforcement officer for the city apparently has an issue with our farm. We think the day Stevenson High School came for yoga the code enforcement officer saw the cars and then went to town on us. We received in the mail yesterday 2 pages long code violation which started with “you can’t park cars on the grass” of our own home, to our sign up front to selling eggs to the tarp on the barn roof.

"Could we fight the city? Maybe. Have city council members come to the farm? Yep. Did they love it, yep.

"But since this is our home we don’t want to cause any more potential issues or possible fines. We are heartbroken. If we closed down we would want to do it on our terms, not someone telling us we had to stop.

"Trying to wrap our heads around everything. We are frustrated and sad. I have lived in Livonia my whole life and all this truly saddens me. Not the way we wanted to go out. We want to thank everyone who has supported our farm, it has meant so much. We have one family in particular who has been at farm visits from the start and we’ve seen them grow their family over the years, which has been incredible.

"The sad thing is the future of our animals. We do these farm activities to help cover the feed and care costs. Without the farm activities, we can’t keep all the animals. So it stings even more. Because of everything, and not wanting to cause even more issues, we have decided to stop all farm activities immediately. We wish we could have had at least a final farm visit and goat yoga, but don’t want to risk any other potential issues.

"We are sad and sorry."

Resident reaction to closure of Blue Line Farm is quick,

to the point and not very happy

Kayla Gielarowski: Oh this is so sad to hear! We won a farm visit and eggs at the end of the year last season and we’ve been looking forward to visiting with our family.

Elizabeth Mikkelsen Schulz: so sad for all of you! I have been there for baby goats being born, baby chicks, pigs and ducks. Love the goats and chickens and how they greet me when I come over

Kelsey Prince: I am so sorry and saddened that this happened. Goat yoga was always so much fun!

Andrea Murch Stevens: This is absolutely infuriating! You guys have alway operated above board. For this to be happening is absolutely unbelievable.

Sarah Pelletier: Such a shame. I know that Andrew loved visiting and made a connection with so many of the animals. He will always be the one that loved to just sit in your chicken coop.

2nd Annual Cars and Coffee for Kids

Join Bluestone VOICES for Autism for their 2nd Annual Cars and Coffee for Kids at 10 AM on June 22, 2024 at Detail Garage in Livonia!

This event to free to attend | It’s $20 to enter a car for the show.

All proceeds go towards providing financial aid for Autistic kids, scholarships for college students entering the field, and grants for therapy center to upgrade their equipment.

You learn so much about Livonia folks on Facebook

Dave Messing, Digital creator, Artist/ Illustrator/Set designer/Prop Builder shares this story about working with Tim Allen of Home Improvement fame

"Many years ago we had just completed a huge film shoot with Tim Allen from Home Improvement fame. The studio rented the front yards of about 6-8 houses on a beautiful street in Birmingham.

"My prop was an exploding remote control mailbox that shot his newspaper up to the porch and I was laying on the ground operating the controls whilst Tim teased me incessantly about what if my props did not work. I designed and built about eight props for Tim and he was, by far the best star with which I had ever worked .

"Well, any who, there were about 30-40 film crew and the pressure was palpable. Fortunately my stuff went off without a problem and when the all day shoot finally wrapped there was a collective sigh as we all started loading out all our equipment.

"The instant that the director yelled that beautiful phrase, “that’s a wrap” a team from the “craft food wagon” began passing out Margaritas. They looked so refreshing and I was starved and I’m sure I was on the verge if dehydration. I was probably in my middle 40’s and to that day never had any alcoholic beverage crossed my virgin lips.

"I threw that drink down in two seconds and while packing up my stuff I started laughing. Thinking I was just happy about how well everything went at the shoot I started walking to the car then it hit that I was a little tipsy and had to just sit in the car waiting for my first ever and almost the last ever buzz to pass."

Veterans Connection

Tuesday, June 11, 6:30

Join us for the June version of the Livonia Veterans Connection meetup this month at the Livonia DAV. Come out and see what the Veterans of Livonia has to offer you.

According to Dave Laycock "We talk, share stories, talk about Veterans resources, and just enjoy some good old fashioned military camaraderie." 

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