TCCN Primary Care Providers and Practice Administrators,

We are aware of recent challenges with procuring phototherapy for patients with high bilirubin levels due to lack of supply and/or access. We have compiled some instructions and resources to help you guide your patients to the care they need.

Bilirubin Level Testing

Children’s provides STAT bilirubin level testing 7 days a week. The requisition must be submitted either through accessCHOA or on a Children’s lab requisition form.

The main registration staff will alert the lab regarding the bilirubin patient so that a phlebotomist can walk in the patient. There is a lab manager on call that can be contacted to assist. Staffing challenges may result in some delays.

Local Phototherapy Vendors

We have identified four local vendors who are currently providing phototherapy services. We encourage you to please contact each vendor first to verify pricing and insurances accepted.

  • Contact Medical (770-807-8910): Phototherapy Available. Limited supply of Bili Blankets. Family must pick-up from Lawrenceville, GA location. No bedside delivery offered. Out-of-pocket expenses required. Medicaid & CMOs and most major insurances accepted. Kaiser not accepted. Breast pumps available for purchase only.
  • Neb Doctors / Pumps for Mom (770-394-5330): Phototherapy available but as a closet DME Vendor. Medicaid & CMOs and major insurances accepted. Breast pumps available for purchase only.
  • Apria Healthcare (888-492-7742): Phototherapy can only be provided for Kaiser patients. Limited stock of Bili Blankets. Breast pumps available for Kaiser patients only. Breast pumps will have to be ordered.
  • Analia Homecare HM (678-695-7896): Phototherapy available. Limited supply of Bili blankets. Initially accepting only straight Medicaid as they are currently working on acquiring contracts with CMOs and major insurances. Bedside and home delivery offered. Also, will require a PCP or provider to follow lab work. Breast pumps not currently available.

Direct Admission

If you have a bilirubin patient needing a higher level of care, please admit them directly rather than sending them to the ED. Please contact the Children’s Transfer Center at 888-785-7778 for assistance with admitting the patient.
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